Painting by numbers. Ref: #002 Cocktail Hour

Welcome back to the next painting by numbers instalment

I hope you are proud of your efforts from the last project and it is displayed in your home to much admiration from your family and guests.

Today’s artwork will really test your new-found artistry as it uses 7 colours!

It is entitled “Cocktail Hour”

It depicts a tramp drinking a can of Special Brew and smoking a spliff

Ready, set…get painting!

Colour Key:

1 – Grey

2 – Pink

3 – Gold

4 – White

5 – Dark Blue

6 – Darker Blue

7 – Even Darker Blue, that it’s almost black

Feel free to add your own creative flourish like a spot of blood from when he fell over in the gutter, or any other dubious unidentifiable stains on his clothes.


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  1. Looks a lot like Jerry Garcia: The Middle Years.

  2. I can do this. No sweat. Right up my…alley….
    Speaking of Jerry Garcia (El G’s comment above) I’m part of a volunteer crew that dead-heads the roses in one of Portland’s rose gardens. Proudly…we have nicknamed ourselves: The Grateful Dead-Headers We are waaaaay cool……

  3. Damn my paints have dried. Well I’ll just dash up to the art supply store…what it’s gone? I do have a box of crayons.

  4. This is a brilliant idea. I could scan my sketches and then do this with them.

  5. Please excuse any typos. It’s hard to read my comment through all the paint on my screen.

    • You could put cling film over the screen, paint on that then lift it off thus preserving your screen. I bet you don’t call it cling film over there

  6. This is so cool! I wonder how Jerry will look hanging next to all my paint-by-number Elvises on black velvet?

    • I can’t compete with velvet Elvis, just too kitsch for its own good!

      Are you back on home soil now?

      • I am back. Thanks to all of England for showing us such a good time! I’m trying to put together a post for tomorrow, but am having a hard time editing down to just 987 photos.

  7. Nice to see Peter Purves again after all these years.

  8. If this doesn’t convince you to rejoin Twitter, I don’t know what will: you can follow DrunkInaGarten. That is all. Carry on.

    • Rewind a minute, Drunk Ina Garten…I’m torn! I had joined Twitter, and got bored again after two days, not been on since. If it’s on Facebook I can manage it. Something about twitter I can’t connect with

  9. I like your choice of colors on this paint by numbers!


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