Introducing…The Cedars

I’m about to improve your life….

Just transfer me £500 and I’ll send you an information pack detailing how to….oh wait,  they were the instructions for my pyramid scheme, more on that to follow.

I can still tell you how to improve your life….by buying the new album from my friend’s brilliant band, The Cedars, I’ll let some Cedar trees tell you more about it:

5635496645_b93d111bac - Copy (2)

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You can find out more about them and sample some tracks and see some clips on their website

And here’s the Itunes link if you didn’t click the tree:

I can vouch for their brilliance having seen them live numerous times.  You won’t be disappointed.

Their website blurb says all you need to know:

A UK based Alt-Americana quartet, with soaring vocals, infectious rhythms and blasts of slide guitar and banjo. Plying tales of lost love, revenge and rural homicide, The Cedars manage to straddle the divide between the dancehalls of the 20’s and 30’s and what’s going on in the scene right now.

I count myself lucky to have such talented friends who are great musicians, artists and writers (and all great boozers too), it was being around so many great things my mates produce that inspired me to start blogging.


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  1. Looking forward to checking it out!

  2. Is anyone getting ads on the bottom of my post? I was told there are ads popping up of a clinically obese lady confined to her bed! How do we get rid of ads anyone?

  3. I should really try listening to them… but I haven’t liked a band since 1979…

  4. I don’t see any ads on your post, but then I’m coming in from email. Maybe through your reader they appear?

    • Phew! I think it’s my friend’s PC, maybe he has been looking up bed ridden mega obesity victims.

  5. Trying to get back in the groove … the pics with the conversation is brilliant. Caught them on YouTube! Thanks!!!!

  6. In the diary Joe

  7. Trees don’t talk…bummer! Guess it’s time to check back in with my therapist! 🙂 Right after I check out this band. Thanks for the head up!

  8. WOW! They have a terrific sound.
    I admire accomplished boozers too.
    Disregard PMAO’s fickle affections; he’s on the rebound from being spurned by Mr. Hotspur.


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