A New York Story – Part 3

I completely forgot to complete my New York report!   It’s now consigned to the part of my brain that forgets everything so will just summarise with some photos.



Strolling through the park



Autumn sunshine



From Greenwich Village looking towards downtown



On the Highline



Washington Square Park



The Stonwall Inn



Some building or other









Reminds me of The Fisher King



Moonwalking girl



Brooklyn bridge



From the other side



Autumn fare









Lovely Thai cafe in East Village. Recommended



Train yard



A falcon lives in Thompkins Square Park with the hobos



I bumped into Ina!











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  1. Great photos! Man, you just can’t escape that pesky Ina, can you?

  2. That was very nice… but not as nice as a San Diego story would have been!!!!!

  3. Beefcat

     /  December 17, 2014

    Too bad you didn’t bump into Rachael Ray and knock her down. I’ve always wondered if she’d bounce right back up.

    • If she’s a Weeble she might! She was in town then, they had a food festival on and she was hosting some events. Paula Deen was there too, a shortage of butter was reported across the USA that day

  4. Love the photos! I have a huge picture with the Flatiron building in the lobby of my office. When I finally got to NYC a couple of years ago and saw it from the top of the double-decker bus, I squealed like a child on Christmas morning.

    • Isn’t it an amazing place, so familiar at the same time as discovering it for the first time.

      Hopefully the first of many Stateside trips.

  5. Your tagline (actually might be the wrong word; I don’t know what else to call it, honestly) is PERFECT and I loved your beautiful pictures. You have yourself a new follower(:

  6. Central Park is so pretty and that falcon! Who knew New York was so full of nature. I love your pictures. I’ve never seen that skinny building before. How weird. You must have to walk through everybody else’s office to get to your own. HA! I think I’ll just spend all of 2015 trying to imagine that. Anyway, after looking at these pictures I feel I don’t have to go to New York anymore. Thanks for going for me Joe! 😀

    • I never found any Funyons so it really isn’t worth going there 😀

      Just think of working in that building, you’d have to say good morning to too many people, it would drive me mad.

      It was nice, was lucky with the weather. Doing Vancouver hopefully same time this year.

      • Oh Vancouver! I’ve been there. Years ago. We drove up there once and went to a demolition derby of all things. I remember they were being really picky about accepting twenty dollar bills and since we only had one twenty dollar bill on us we put lotion on it to make it look old. That’s my main memory about Vancouver. But it is very beautiful. Have you ever been there before? I also remember their beer was a lot stronger and they put codeine in over the counter aspirin.

        • Haha! You remembered all the important things.

          Never been before, my partner goes for work every year for a month or so. I keep meaning to go along some time.

          For now I will have real onion rings as I am goign to Lille in France tomorrow for my birthday weekend. The French still eat onions right? if they are not wearing them draped in chains over their person and carrying a baguette I will be disappointed.

          • Oh Happy Birthday!! Going to France for onion rings would be about the best birthday any American could have! I’m going to look Lille up on the map as I just happen to have one of France in front of me as I was just looking at a map of France just before I read your comment! Anyway I hope you have a wonderful time!!!

  7. Beautiful photos Joe! I’m about to try to find all your social media everything and stalk you. I miss you a lot.


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