Coming this Fall….








Londonsurvival takes Manhattan

starring, Joan and Jackie Collins (from At home with Joan and Jackie Collins), Ina Garten, Joehoover and many more








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  1. LOL!! Can. Not. Wait!

    • Me either!

      10th-18th October, everyone should come along! I only have a 1 bedroom apartment, let’s break the world record for number of bloggers crashing in a 1 bed NYC apartment.

      • What??? Oh how exciting! I can’t wait to read all about it, Joe. You really should have a party, but wait til the last nite so it won’t matter if you get kicked out! šŸ˜€

        • It will be a party of one

          • A party of one? Ah! Are you going on vacation? Or is it a business trip?

            • vacation, no one else was keen to come as they have been before but it is my first time. They may change their minds at last minute since I have so many great things planned.

              Already booked two gigs and it is also NY food and wine week and I am booking a ticket to an event at the boathouse in Central Park, Whoopi Goldberg is hosting and it’s canapes and cocktails and you get a free cookbook, I’m gonna swan around there making up stories about who I am to keep myself entertained. I think I’ll introduce myself to people as the person who decides what gets printed onto stamps, in liaison with the Queen of course, she gets the final say.

              • You are so brave to go to New York by yourself! If I had the courage, I think it would be so much fun to do that. Unfortunately, I find everything about traveling more nerve racking than fun.

                Wow! Cocktails with Whoopi!! You definitely have to give yourself a fake title with a fake name to go with it. Something along the lines of Lord Spluddington, the Earl of Shrapnailshire. I have a feeling Whoopi would fall for it hook, line and sinker!

                • She’ll probably have security and I won’t get to use my charms, if you can call it that. I like your name suggestions, I’ll print up some name badges.

                  A friend may come for a bit, but I am happy walking around on my own at my pace which is quite fast, everyone else will slow me down.

                  I’m hoping the sound of my English accent may woo some people to engage in conversation with me, something more involved than “give me your wallet”

                  I need a talking point…I think with my new name I should wear a monocle. That may do the trick.

                  • A monocle and a Sherlock Holmes hat! If that doesn’t open some doors for Lord Smudington, I don’t know what will. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up on David Letterman or the Today Show. I’m going to keep my eyes open for you finding a way to appear on at least one of those while(st) vacationing in the Big Apple. (P.S. use the word whilst every chance you get btw)

                    • I’m applying to go in the audience for The Rachel Ray show!

                    • Oh that’s so cool!! I hope you get in!

                    • I can;t stand her but she is doing an interview with Paula Deen I believe

                      Sounds like a car crash

                    • What?! I can’t stand Whoopi either but seeing her with Paula Deen — well now that’s practically an historical combination — or hysterical — either way it will be pretty entertaining!

                    • Oh no, Rachel Ray I can;t stand, she talks too much.

                      I don;t think they would let Paula near Whoopi

                      No sign of Ina Garten at the festivities, it’s probably below her – mingling with the common folk. I was going to do two days in The Hamptons but it may look weird that I pretend I am her on my blog and then go and stalk her. Best not do that.

                • Oh and Linda, what must I do, I know I need to eat Funyons and go look for Grams in a Pottery Barn. NY better have some thrift shops too.

                  • Well, it probably wouldn’t hurt to take a bag of Funyuns to feed to the Central park ducks and homeless people. That will make you quite popular really quickly (at least with the ducks and homeless people). Keep your eyes peeled for Grams as I hear she’s living on the streets of NYC now, although she thinks she’s hunting truffles in the Pottery Barn Sustainable Forest. If you see her, grab her, as Pottery Barn has a $15.00 bounty out on her.

                    • Can you get anything for $15 in pottery barn? I’ll take a printout from your blog so I can identify her

                    • I think the only thing you can get a PB for $15 is a push pin. Which is worth it because you get to call it a push pin instead of a thumb tack.

                    • I’m also looking forward to going to an Anthropolgie, I read they have the most ridiculous overpriced stuff. I like to go to places like this and wonder at their pretentiousness

                    • Oh Joe! I practically live for the joy of witnessing pretentiousness. Oh I can’t wait to read what you think about it!

                    • A week is not going to be enough time. I’ll apply for a new visa on my return and come back next year

  2. Are you getting excited?

    • Very, I have planned some gigs, and plan on mooching about taking things in. I don;t do much tourist stuff but I guess I have to do some there, but mostly just walking around stopping off for a drink everywhere

      • Sounds like fun

        • Come along, I think every blogger should come join me

          • It would be a wonderful blog-land get together! Unfortunately there is no way I could keep up with your drinking! I’d spend the entire trip passed out after the first bar stop.

            Might make for some interesting pictures. You could bring me around and pose me with all the landmarks you see. Nothing x-rated, but I’m sure you would take good care of my passed out body. šŸ˜‰

            • You make me sound like an alcoholic šŸ™‚

              I’m staying in the East Village, have rented an apartment. I hate hotels.

              • I’m just a lightweight. šŸ˜‰

                How long are you staying?

                  • Hmmm, I have an idea…

                    How about you email me the address of your temp. apartment and tell me what types of candy you like and I’ll send you some top picks? I know with all your drinking you might not have time to candy shop.

                    By the way, I’m still wanting some “proper” chocolate.

                    • Won;t work though, the owners will have keys to the post box themselves, it’s not like the UK where all our mail comes through our letterbox.

                      Nice though though, just list all the best (all of them) and I will buy all of them and photograph me eating them.

                      Yes, proper chocolate will taste all the sweeter when I bring it over in about five years or so when I gate a premanent visa and come come and go as I please

                    • Ok, I’ll go browse the candy section and make a list for you. Do you like sour stuff? Hopefully the permanent visa will not be too much trouble to get.

                    • Sure do.

                      Hey, I was burgled last night, got home and my door was smashed in. Lily is safe which is my only concern, but nothing was stolen, just everything pulled out of cupboards and drawers, looking for cash and jewellery of which I have none, they ignored my laptop, credit cards, so odd.

                      So up all night with police and waiting for door to be repaired. What a hassle!

                    • How scary Joe! I’m glad Lily was ok. I bet she was hiding out. That is weird that they ignored the laptop and credit cards. It’s as if you’re a secret agent or something and they were looking for the hidden microchip. šŸ˜‰ I thought suburban life was supposed to have less crime? Did you notice anything missing?

                    • Not a single thing is missing, they even left all the pound coins in my change jar. What useless thieves.

                      Police said laptops not desired now if not one of those expensive ones, and other electronics have tracable apps now so they can be found, I guess using a credit card could be too. Who keeps cash in their house? My Nan did and got robbed three times. But people these day’s don’t surely.

                      I got off very lightly, nothing was damaged apart from door and that was being replaced next week anyway which is a coincidence (I own house but it is council leasehold so they own the front door, windows and communal areas so it is their responsibility for that), I had bought all new furniture, all intact, I worried fishtank would be smashed on the damage from water but that was fine.

                      It is weird they didn’t take a single thing, but I don’t really have valuables. But my Lily cat is great and she got to go outside as the door was smashed in, I found grass in her furballs. But she is a good kitty and came back. She probably flirted with them and they decided to not take anything as she is such a whore with men šŸ™‚

                    • I’m laughing for real. Lol just won’t cut it. Good for Lily using her feminine ways to charm those criminals!

                      I’m glad you weren’t home, although I’m sure you could have seduced the robbers too!

                    • I have the heaviest pestle and mortar I got from Thailand, I would use it as a club and smash their heads in.

                      You honestly can’t resist Lily when she is being flirty.

                    • That is too funny. I’m sure she’s irresistible. It still seems so weird that someone just broke in and went through stuff. I bet you feel violated. You should try to get some sleep too! Up all night playing cops and robbers isn’t always a good thing. šŸ˜‰

                    • Will be fine, door mended but new front door being put in Monday with better security. And I will set up traps like in Home Alone.

                    • Maybe they sniffed my knickers

                    • Lol!!!! The home alone traps is a good idea too!

                    • I needed this this morning, sorry you had to get violated for me to get a good laugh. šŸ˜‰

                    • No probs, you have to look at things in a positive spin or find humour or you would worry about everything

                    • I’m watching “world’s Creepiest Destinations” and it was talking about the London ghost walk. Ever been?

                    • No, did it look good, I could go and document it

                    • Yeah, I missed part of the segment, but apparently it’s like a stretch by the river where people her wailing and stuff and lots of people kill themselves around there. Might be good blog material. Bring Lily so she could charm any of the suicidal people you might meet.

                      Here’s a link:

                    • may have to do that

  3. HILARIOUS! I was just wondering out loud today what ever happened to Joan Collins, and here she is!

  4. If you like, ping me when you’re in town. First round’s on me.

    • Yeah for sure. I’m likely on my own, unless some friends decide to tag along. I’m staying in the East Village 10-18th October, I was told it is most like my old home of Camden Town in London, so I should settle in quickly.

      Have some gigs planned for the end of the visit, but no plans for the first half. Thought I better get some sightseeing on – my version of this is usually stopping off in pubs near sights.

      So if you’re about around those dates that would be cool. Am I near THAT bar?

      • Ha! THAT bar is off the Manhattan Island in the outer borough of Queens. I haven’t been their in years (it’s changed owners at least twice since then).

        But that date range should work, and there are plenty of other bars all through the social layers to amuse the hell out of yourself in. Also some great music dives in the village too.

        • Music dives will be ideal for me, Maybe not one friend who is planning to come who hates gigs. Why am I friends with them? Who hates gigs?! Anyway, I will certainly let you know nearer the time.

        • Dammit, just told that a band my friend tour manages, The Rail, are in NY in November supporting Chrissie Hynde (guy in the band is also in The Pretenders) Could have maybe got us in backstage. Should have held off booking and gone in November.

  5. Now there’s a promo! Enjoy your trip … but how did you get permission to enter?

  6. You’re officially going! I have only been to NYC once, and I LIVE in this friggin’ country. It was great. Have a fab time, but be gentle on us, hmmmm?

    • I can’t wait, I was always going somewhere but my California plans hit the buffers. I’m as bad in the UK and it’s probably smaller than your home State! You probably saw more of the UK when you visited than I have ever seen ;-D

  7. I’ll be waiting with bated breath . . .


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