Drowning in Spam

Apologies to anyone who clicks to follow comments and have been inundated with spam comments that have latched themselves to my blog like Miley Cyrus to a paparazzi photographer

I assume they are spam, they all seem to generate from the car insurance industry, I’ve so far had comments from:

compare car insurance, who invited me to their church Christmas cookie walk.

Seems odd for a car insurance firm to be promoting walking.  More fool them, I don’t eat cookies or go to church to get cookies, or drive to church park my car and walk with cookies, or take my cookies for a walk to church, there is a £100 fine for your cookies fouling on the grass.   I don’t even drive for that matter.

offers car insurance, and details in length about working in a nursing home  but has since decided they want to work for a neonatologist, they can only imagine how amazing it is to save a baby’s life.  I say to them it’s also pretty amazing when I extinguish the chance of a life – the power I wield with my right hand a packet of Kleenex.

inexpensive car insurance, complains the train noise is bad downtown.  He seems to think my name is Bruce, he must have misheard me when I was shouting it down the phone, I guess it was pretty noisy there.

And finally, car insurance quotes free, said it best with: Relógio.de.corda,Frio?! E com estas imagens de neve altamente? Não,não concordo que se diga que está frio; está, é um “barbeiro” do caneco!(…)Agasalhe-se!Cumpts.César


Seriously I am getting a ton a day which fools me into thinking I am popular.   I’m clicking Spam on all of them and hoping WordPress takes time out from messing with our readers to solve this problem.

Is anyone else getting their trousers pulled down and spanked by spam in this way?


I promised a Movember post which I didn’t finish last year, and I haven’t finished it this year either.   In my defence I have been busy checking my testicles as well as plotting a property purchase and catching up at work before I go back to Thailand in a couple of weeks for most of December.   I’ll have a bit more opportunity to shovel out more waffling posts then.




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  1. I was surprised when I got a “reply” to a comment on the Paula post, then another one later, I meant to message you but I figured you were on it already.
    Thailand sounds nice!

    • It’s making me weep. I’ve submitted it on a WordPress forum but nothing happens. I shouldn’t have complained about the Reader changes, I’m probably blacklisted now.

      Can’t wait for Thailand, I don;t go to one of those beautiful beaches you see, I go to Hua Hin, nice town but beach is awful, but my tattooist is based there. Long way to go for that!

  2. Here, too, I thought I was popular…not as popular as you LondonS, but right up there with the cookie walkers and non-driving denizens who also [and personally] get solicitations from their own insurance company to insure a car they and/or I no longer own. JOTS is going to blame all the spam I’m receiving on who? You, of course. Just a warning…I’m getting close to narrowing GPS on where you live. I’d leave for Thailand…now would be good.

  3. Is the checking of testicles related to the trip to Thailand?
    And if so, do I really want to know? 😉

    • 😀 I am going to be in Hua Hin though, no foul play is allowed there since it’s the King’s town. Makes a change as other places your arms get pulled form their sockets just walking past a bar

  4. Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam eggs and spam…

  5. I know a fella who will give a keen quote for your car insurance Joe. Third party, fire and theft only though I’m afraid. Good luck with your knackers – I know a fella who can insure those too……

    • 😉 More fool them, I don’t even drive!

      Just a thought, has anyone invented walking insurance, there are loads of obstacles. And people are always bumping into me when they are not paying attention. If walking insurance existed I could claim for injury?

  6. Whatever you do DO NOT Delete them. You have to put them in spam to teach the server… It’s happened to me and usually lasts a week or two. It sucks… Good luck!

  7. You don’t eat cookies? What’s wrong with you?

    I’ve noticed that a lot of spam has facebook or youtube links (as the link that shows up by the person’s name in the comment). I’ve managed to cut down on the amount that appears in my blog by adding this:


    to the “comment moderation” box under settings / discussion. I get email whenever one of these spam comments appears, but I can send it to spam without it showing up on my blog.

  8. I think the comment I just left about how to deal with spam went into your spam queue.

  9. Well, I am glad you’re taking a much-needed break from all the spam and testicle-checking to go to Thailand again. Getting another tattoo??

    • Was hoping too but most of my cash is tied up buying a flat now. Will see how it goes and may get a smaller one

  10. What a weird glitch! Well hopefully one of these days it will stop just as mysteriously as it started. I got the one where the girl wanted to save babies after a bad experience with old people. Apparently, there are only two kind of sick people in the spam world; incoming and outgoing. You’re going to Thailand!! For most of December. Wow. Now that sounds fun and you’re getting a new house! How exciting!! That is so cool!!

    • I saw that one. If her old people experience was so bad she wants to nip it in the bud when they are babies.

      Yes, two weeks today, can’t wait. I rent a house now but to buy it has to be an apartment in the suburbs, it’ll add a new spin to how I view London at least.

      • Ahahaha! At least she’s being proactive . . .

        Oh, I’m excited for you. Moving into that first place you own is exciting. And I can’t wait to hear all about it! 😀

  11. I’ve had that happen to me several times, but it seemed like it was for just one day. Sorry you’ve been inundated. I don’t envy your schedule for the next couple weeks! Have a much deserved rest in Thailand.

  12. I am one of the unfortunates who ticked the box to get follow-up comments via email from one of your posts, so I have also been getting all your spam. I too have been getting a ton of spam messages recently.but mine are not from car insurance companies mine are more from exercise places.


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