Mysteries of the Universe



The universe as has forever held mankind captivated, we strive to find meaning in our existence.  As soon  as we think we understand something , an occurrence makes us question our place in the solar system.

We ask ourselves the same questions spanning time, “Are we alone” “Is there an afterlife”.  From tales of  hauntings to UFO spottings, we aim to unravel the world we see and the world that is beyond our vision.

Join me as we investigate the unexpected, the paranormal, the unfathomable and unlock The Mysteries of The Universe…..

The Case of the Watery Maiden

I was alerted to reports of a supernatural phenomenon, I hastily gathered together my recording equipment to document this for myself, this is what I found that day.

This scene appears innocuous enough, a couple leisurely drifting in a double lilo on a warm summers day, I thought I had been led up the garden path, what possible event could possibly unfold in such a pleasant situation.

double_designer_lounger-thumb-450x450The calm wasn’t to last though, what I saw next shook me to my very core when this next shot was taken moments later:


Do you see?


Take a closer look..


The lady in the lilo went from this:


To this:


In the blink of an eye.

What sorcery is this!

I screamed to the man to bail his flotation device, better to risk your life at the mercy of the seas than be victim to this devilish harpy.

Burn her!

Burn the Witch!


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  1. Le Clown

     /  July 19, 2013

    Jocelyn Wildenstein is a master illusionist this way…
    Le Clown

    • I was actually looking for a double lili but I wouldn’t share it. Just for me. Then I noticed her head looked weird and that her face had been super imposed, what was wrong with the brunette that they had to put a blonde head on her? That may have been the greatest acting gig of her life and now the blonde is racking up all the sales.

  2. Scarrrrrrryyyyyyyy, very scary! Lilo – we call them air mattresses.

    • Even ones you put in the pool? You crazy Canadians 🙂

      • I don’t know what we call them here in the US. I’ve never heard “lilo” until today, and we don’t call them air mattresses. I’ll probably lie awake all night trying to remember what they’re called. Thanks a lot.

        • Tell me when you know, or I may come unstuck looking for one when I go there, or I’ll just follow the lizard people in Walmart like this lady

  3. Indeed, “Lilo” needs to be added to our English to English dictionary. Over here, “Lilo” translates to “Lindsay Lohan.”

  4. Scary stuff – i actually read it that they were floating on a dildo – speed reading is a boon

  5. Her neck looks like a Kayan woman without the rings.

    • Pretty bad photoshop job, the original ad looked better why superimpose it. I may have to write to the manufacturer and ask

  6. What, you humans can’t switch your heads whenever you want? I wish you had told me this earlier. It would explain the screaming.

  7. And here I as thinking this was something about the evils of forgetting sunscreen.
    Well played, Joe. Well played indeed…

  8. I actually didn’t notice. I was too busy trying to figure out what all those pink and yellow things are. What are they?

    • In the lilo? They catch the water so you’re not wallowing in it, unless they all act as bottle holders

  9. Are witches meant to float like that?

  10. Horrifying! I’ll be looking at people around me a bit more carefully now. Witches, lizard people, and shape shifters! What’s this world coming to? Thanks for the timely warning, looks like we have to be most vigilant around water. I call anything that allows one to float on water as a “floatie” right or wrong.

  11. First why is it called a lilo? Second, did he quickly murder her (his wife) and replace here with his girlfriend hoping no one would notice? I think he looks really guilty. He’s got that “What? What are you looking at me like that for? demeanor. There could be time travel involved as well. Perhaps the brunette is now lying on a lilo made out of slaves in a Roman bath somewhere . . . This is fascinating. I just love a good mystery!

    • You mean she may not be a lady devil? This could be his work? This is a puzzle indeed.

      I’m not calling them lilo’s anymore, I’ve adopted floaties


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