America – I’m comin’ for ya!

Don’t panic, this isn’t a thinly veiled threat.   I’ve finally been granted a tourist visa since my misdemeanour 17 years ago.

For so long I’ve watched my friends enjoy holiday’s there whilst I’ve never being able to go, but I’ve finally been granted a reprieve.   It expires in January 2015, but after that I can apply again and eventually get one for a few years to avoid the drawn out application process (it’s been a year waiting for this visa)

With so many destinations (and cool people) to see it has been a tough choice on where to go first.  I had New York at the forefront until that was vetoed by my other half, and I would love to see New Orleans and Austin, but these will have to wait for a future visa.   For now I am probably going to plan a trip around California later in the year,  I live in London and it won’t stop raining, I need me some sunshine.

I can’t wait – I finally get to try Funyons.

Get ready America – I’m comin’  (I now imagine the whole country simultaneously drawing their curtains and hiding behind the sofa pretending to be out)

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  1. Fantastic! You’re going to have a blast in California – there are some great parts to the state.

    *buys stock in funyons*

  2. Anonymous

     /  January 14, 2014

    For what it’s worth, I hated Austin, which was doubly disappointing because I had assumed I’d love it. Of course, I’m prejudiced for NYC, but as you’re a Londoner, the thrill of the city may not be as intense as it is for the rural tourist. No, California is a good bet. San Fran especially. It’s one of my favorite cities for entertainment, and you cannot beat the surroundings. If you make it as far south as San Diego, be sure to go out to Coronado Island and see the big hotel that was featured in Some Like it Hot. It’s a treasure.

    Go for it Joe, and when you finally do get to New York, I’ll have the martinis lined up and waiting.

    • You have appeared as “Someone”. I have to guess who this is. Great, I love a mystery…now, how would Jessica Fletcher approach this….

      • No, Jessica is no good, she would just murder someone and frame a relative for it.

        I’ll go with Kitchen Slattern, and I think the martini gave it away.

        Am I right?

  3. dude… dude… dude…

    • Oh, I’m coming for sure, I can’t waste this visa. Checking if we can get a free flight on his company if he pops into his LA offices and pretends to do some work, gotta check on his friend in Palm Springs too and can work out dates, probably October though. Will it be warm enough?

      I have ordered a guide book to check out the kinda things I want to do. I usually just rent a pool villa and do nothing on holiday but I think I better get out and about more this time to take advantage of the visa.

      hey, I can buy your books now! 😀 One of each please.

  4. Hey! I live in California! LA area.

    • That’s where I am gonna be! My other half;s company has an office in LA so am gonna be there and flying there anyway. Also his friend is in Palm Springs. So am gonna be aiming to be moving around LA, San Diego and Palm Springs in a kind of triangular motion. Or I may add another town to make it a quadrilateral journey.

      I may just have a big party in a house I rent and invite all the local bloggers 😀

  5. Wow! Let me know if you come through Denver! I am a half hour away!

    • Won;t be near there this time, half an hour is reasonable though. I remember I was looking into Vancouver and someone who lives in Edmonton said it’s only a 15 hour drive. And someone else suggested a drive from San Francisco to San Diego (only 10 hours)

      It made me laugh, the US and Canada are so vast that people think nothing of a drive that long. I wouldn’t even drive as far as South London 🙂

  6. New York was vetoed?????????????? But…now I won’t be able to meet you???

    • You can blame my other half, he didn’t like it when he went about 20 years ago! I will be there in future, my friends will do a trip there so will tag along with them.

  7. Congrats Joe! Now I wished I lived in California so I could make the list!

    • Everyone has time to plan it, I may rent a house with pool for a week there – and invite everyone down for a party!

  8. Nice one Joe. San Francisco is brilliant and Austin and New Orleans well worth a visit in the future

  9. Congratulations! … and California is wonderful. Beware, northern and southern California weather is vastly different! We walked across the Golden Gate Bridge in early August, and wished we had earmuffs! San Francisco is one of my favorite cities!!!!

  10. You will have so much fun! I’m excited for you. At least you had the rest of the world as your playground in the meantime.

    • Thanks, my guide book just arrived so got all excited about seeing a revue show in Palm Springs which all the artists are ladies between 50 and 80. Sounds fab

  11. theslimbuddha

     /  January 17, 2014

    You’re gonna have so much fun! I’m a little biased because I live in California but nonetheless be sure to grab some In-N-Out and maybe bring me some as well. 🙂

  12. California is a great place to visit! I live in the LA maybe you’ll stop by. I’ll have Funyuns.

  13. Joe! You’re coming to California! I will put in a call to the president of the Frito Lay Company and tell him to start stockpiling a reserve of Funyuns for you before Al Gore eats them all! And then I will put in a call to the governor so that he can schedule perfect weather for your visit. I want you to be able to get a tan while at the same time spotting lots of movie stars in Beverly Hills when you ride through town in your rented Mustang convertible. I’ll put in a call to the actor’s guild to notify all movie stars to be out walking.(Let me know if there’s anybody you’d rather not see and I’ll pass it along) Of course knowing the kind of luck most people have when star gazing you’ll probably only see stars like Joyce Dewitt, but still! I am so happy for you! You’re going to love California. I know you’re not coming up to SF area but if you were I would take you around to all the best thrift stores. Well maybe next time.

    • Oh no, you are too far north. But pouringmyartout threatened a road trip to the bay area but time may not allow. I was going to request being thrift store shopping with you. I need to reassess my itinerary, I am drinking with someone who is raving about SF right now.

      • Oh SF is definitely an experience. If you don’t make it this trip you’ll have to plan another trip just to visit the northern half of the state. There really is so much to see.

        • Two weeks won’t be enough, I need one of those year long work sabbaticals. Or a huge lottery win.

          • A sabbatical is such a wonderful word, it makes not having a job so classy!

            • I bet all the hobos use it

              • I bet they do. I would if I was a hobo. Although hobo does have a nice vintage ring to it.

                • They don’t make hobos like they used to.

                  Now it’s all crystal meth and whatnot. Whatever happened to the good old fashioned hobo who would travel the railroad and regale you with a yarn

                  • Honestly!! We lived in an apartment for a while when I was a kid and there was a railroad track directly behind the building (it was a lovely place) — and there really was a little circle of rocks where the hobos would cook and hang out. And we didn’t think anything of it. We certainly didn’t think it was dangerous like we would today. But of course those were the good old days when you didn’t have to worry about getting your face eaten by a crazy hobo.

                    • That sounds lovely. Time travel…everyone would probably go to the future, but I’d rather go back

                    • Oh me too! I like to think about where I’d go to first if I had a time machine. But I can never decide.

                    • I know! Go to the future to when you would have decided then you would instantly have memories of the past adventures you had so no need to do it.

                    • Wait a minute . . . do you have a doctor’s degree in theoretical physics you’re not telling me about?

                    • no no, I gave myself a headache after re-reading that back, I had to have a lie down as my head was spinning 🙂

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