Camden Town Countdown

The day draws near for my soon to be exit from Camden Town.

Even though I will soon be posting from Thailand, on my return I will be packing up and moving further up into North London as I climb the first rung of the property ladder.

I’ll be leaving behind a place very close to my heart having loved living in Camden Town so long.Β  For each new post I’ll be changing my header for Camden Town imagery and will also be posting odes to my town and stories about my time here.

The picture above is the painted exterior of a skateboard shop on the end of my road, on the opposite side is as a nail bar which isn’t painted with candy skulls so this view is much nicer.

On the top left there are people loitering, that’s because it’s a bus stop.Β  I once saw a bus hit a pigeon here, it flailed in a robotic fashion, crooked necked and broken winged, as it took it’s last breath.

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  1. That’s…quite the mental image you’ve painted…

    • It was as if it was made of electrodes. Maybe it was a spy pigeon and the bus intended to take it out since the bus driver was an undercover hitman

  2. I’m in mourning on your behalf, Joe. Muswell Hill is nice but it ain’t the same. Those candy skulls are quite good, actually. I will look forward to your trips down Camden Memory Lane. And have a safe flight to Thailand!!

    • I’m glad someone here understands πŸ™‚ My friends are divided between the Highgate/Muswell Hill set and the Camden/Kentish Town crew. I whore myself between them but my roots lay firmly in Camden. I enjoyed my last gig as a resident this week, Superchuck at the Electric Ballroom, it was ace. The end of an era 😦

  3. Life is all about moving on…

  4. That’s quite the picture there! Have fun in Thailand, looking forward to more pics from your neighborhood!

  5. Have fun in Thailand, and I hope your move and the new home turn out wonderfully.

  6. If my memory serves Highgate has some good pubs at least – saw Shane McGowan shuffling along Camden High Street years ago without any shoes on.

    • Highgate does indeed have lovely pubs, still be a bus ride from my new place. Oh Shane, sounds about right. My mate is friends with Shane McGowan, he was at a party I was at and I put my drink down and went to the loo and it was gone when I got back. Shane was holding one that looked suspiciously like mine. Saw Jerry Sadowitz in Camden on Tuesday, he had shoes on thoug,

  7. I saw a chicken get ran over once. It was disturbing. Feathers were everywhere.

  8. Enjoy Thailand … and I have to remember to stop by here for the reports.

  9. Looking forward to posts from Thailand! Love the idea of sharing pictures of Camden Town with us. This picture is great!

  10. PS…poor pigeon.

  11. Joe, your life is so exciting! Thailand and then moving AND you got to see a pigeon get run over by a bus! It’s just a madcap existence you live! I have a hawk that brings all his prey to the tree that I look out on from my computer. Okay, it isn’t much, really, compared to your life but nothing ever happens in my life. Which is probably why I spend so much time making stuff up. (the hawk is true though).


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