This blog is coming of age

This blog is going to bed without its dinner

This blog tracked mud all through the house right after it had just been cleaned

This blog made a stupid face when it pressed its nose up against the window

This blog stole 50p from its mothers purse to buy a honeycomb bar

This blog urinated all over the floor missing the toilet bowl

This blog needs to grow up, it’s only two years old in blog years but 37 in human years

This blog is going to settle down and get married and have lots of blog babies – blogbies

This blog is going to get a pension and plan for its future

This blog is going to do as its told

This blog post makes no sense to most of you.


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  1. About bleedin’ time n all

  2. Congrats!!

  3. Happy blogaversary, Joe!

    Maybe your blog would be better behaved if you said nice things to it every so often…

  4. Um….happy blogaversary?

    By the way, does a honeycomb bar really cost 50p, and is that a lot of money?

    • I remember I stole 50p when I was a kid, I was busted coming out of the shop, it does sound a lot for back then, I may have bought a nougat too

  5. Perhaps by year 3…or age 38 we can count on one of you being housebroken?

  6. Naught, naughty blog. I hope you’re making this blog go out and get a real job.

    And happy bloggyversary!

    • Foolish blog, acting like a child, grown blogs shouldn’t act foolish

      • Oh Joe, enjoy these precious years with your dear little Blogby. It goes by so fast. Before you know it, it’ll be off to college and then it will settle down somewhere on the internet with some nice website and the next thing you know you’re in prison . . . no wait. . . lost my train of thought there . . . and then the next thing you know . . . oh yeah! Happy birthday to your precious blogby! 😀

        • It’s not growing up, it just threw its toys all over the floor. I just don’t like being told off. (There’s a back story to this but it’s all over now so I wont rehash it all)

          • Sorry Joe but I think you better get used to being told off. But be careful how you react. You wouldn’t want to get Blogby Child Protection services at your doorstep. You could end up in WordPress Prison because they most assuredly have a prison, I’ve seen it — a let me tell you, it’s a place where the freshly pressed sun don’t shine! 😀

  7. Happy Blogiversary Joe! Have been missing you. Ever since the move to Canada was cancelled you’ve been kind of silent.

    • I have, I think I got so used to the idea that I had to readjust to staying put. That offer will always come around again, and my other half went to Montreal to set up their office and loved it to, and just got an offer from New York, but that was a different company so a bit more risky. I’ve decided to buy in London before I do anything. I did apply for confirmation my decades old criminal record can allow me in though, waiting to hear back. Canada is more lenient than the US, so I just need them to say it’s cool. USA I have an interview at the embassy in two weeks to obtain a tourist visa to last 10 years.

      I’ve also been decorating, at my pace it’s taken me forever! And if you see the size of my rooms you’ll wonder how it took so long.

  8. Sadly, this blog entry makes perfect sense to me (but then I did just spend a week in a psych hospital).


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