A Year in Blogs

I’ve been perusing the WordPress end of year stats they send you.

It’s disheartening to see my most popular posts in 2013 were from 2012 and prior to that even.   No 2013 posts made the cut.

It’s never nice to realise you are no longer relevant despite WP trying to ease my pain by saying it means I have staying power.   I admire your good intentions WP but no point sugar-coating it.

My busiest day was Feb 10th and this post, Kids say the darndest things, take a look again, it’s got kids shouting insults.

My most popular post was Camden Town is not Disneyland, no surprise since tourists must be looking for Camden Town and unfortunately stumble upon this mess.

Secondly was Ask Ina, a pisstake of the Barefoot Contessa.  The dark side to this is that I still get comments from people asking for cooking advice thinking this is actually Ina Garten’s website so I feel quite bad and offer my own advice on cooking the perfect Mac and Cheese.  I do stress to them I am not Ina, I can’t carry off a denim shirt quite like her.

The best information WordPress reminded me of were my comments tally and I would like to give a shout out to not just the Top 3 but also everyone else who regularly comments here, yes you could try harder to crack the top 3 but I won’t hold that against you.  You’re just not as full of gas as this lot:

1)  Pouring My Art Out:   If you’ve been checking other people’s stats then PMAO has been topping everyone’s comments charts.   This one just loves to banter, he’s a perfect foil for exchanging gibberish, and his imagination never ceases to floor me, I’m very grateful to have met him here.  Many thanks AB!

2) Linda Vernon:  In a community of hilarious ladies, Linda is one of the funniest.   Her brain, Peanuts, continuously takes us on a strange adventure, her humour is right up my street being weird and wonderful.   Thanks for being around Linda (and Peanuts).

3) GingerFightBack:  The only UK resident on the list!   Most people I follow are across the pond, never found too many Brits on WordPress funnily enough.   GFB lets us glimpse into the life of many a character.  There’s sausages too.  Thanks GFB!

Happy New Year everyone!

PS: Today’s header picture is one of my favourite places in Camden – it’s my back garden!

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  1. Eh. The only worthwhile thing WP does is have a decent, occasionally working blog site.
    And it lets me read stuff like yours.

    Happy new year, Joe!

  2. Happy New Year to you! I love your garden. I can almost imagine myself sitting there right now…enjoying a beer or three…ahhhhhhhh….

    • by the way, it’s minus 30 here right now. You read that right.

      • How is that even possible to exist in that temperature?! You are hardcore folk over there. We get a bit of frost and the whole country grinds to a halt.

        Wouldn’t need to keep my beers in the fridge though!

        • I trekked out to get the mail yesterday and halfway through I actually thought, “well, if my heart stops and I drop to the ground, maybe the snow plow will kill me before hypothermia sets in.” It’s so cold, they actually called off school today because more than five minutes you can get frostbite. (plus we just had a blizzard…)

    • I have loads in my fridge since I had such a quiet New Years Eve – it never got drunk. Damn jet lag.

      That is pretty much the whole garden, it’s probably smaller than a standard American bathroom 🙂 Easy to maintain though.

      Hope the weather is not cramping your style still?

  3. Yay… I am the fullest of gas!!!

  4. Now how do I make crème brulee

  5. I believe WordPress did something to how it counts views. They used to ping pong around a lot once inside our blogs. My top posts are from 2012 too!
    Happy New Year!

    • Interesting…but I better not investigate and get annoyed with WP again!

      Happy new Year, looks lie you had a great Xmas!

  6. Cheers Joe – Happy New Year – Seems a shame that the mostly morose British bloggers (Dr bloody Who is the only thing they seem to write about) have missed out on pissed flights to Thailand avec les Francais et al. Be strong and dream of sausages!

  7. Top 3? I’m hurt Joe. I have been in the Top 5 Commenters on a number of sites but you only posted top 3, so you ruined my record (sniff). Once you’re moved I’m sure you’ll get back on your high horse & post some memorable posts again, hahahahahaha!

    • 😀 You didn’t make top 5 I’m afraid. And you highlighted my error not doing 5 people as I forgot to carry on!

  8. You can blame Google for the big stats from 2012 posts. They pretty much made WordPress blogs unimportant in search engines.

  9. Happy New Year, Joe! and cheers to GFB!

    • To you too, it’s dragging already though, don’t you think? Only the 6th January, feels much later

      • Besides … it’s colder here than it should be!

        BTW … Time: The Musical’s final act is will be in progress during your Thursday morning featuring song titles with season(s) or one of the seasons that isn’t in the form of a compound word (no summertime).

  10. Lol I love that people actually think you’re Ina. She does look great in demin…and I’m assuming she looks good in black too. Hah WordPress also tried to ease my pain with the “staying power” comment. Oh well.
    I love Linda! Her biblical posts are hi-larious.

    • Ah! Thanks Lily! You are so sweet! 😀

    • I am worried about a lawsuit from Ina’s people. Though these people emailing me can;t be the brightest, they should probably not be allowed loose in a kitchen with knives if they think Ina wrote this.

  11. HAHA I have the same thing as you. PMAO is my number one commenter, and my most popular posts were all from 2012 or early 2013. This is because I stopped really trying to write as much, and it was kind of a chore.

    But don’t feel bad about all that. Consider Michael Jackson – Thriller is the biggest selling album of all time, or second, depending on that Eagles Greatest Hits album, but anyway, he never ever put out a record that sold that many copies again. I’m betting he didn’t feel bad about it. And consider most 1960s bands – not a one of them has put out a good album since 1978, except maybe The Who. And those are considered classic bands!

    You wrote some classic posts that people still read years later – that’s way better than writing posts that NOBODY reads. Right?

    • Good points, but I know people only find the posts from looking for something else. It’s probably irritating for them to stumble across this when they want some useful information.

      And I’m not dead like MJ either so I can feel at ease with my stats now.

      • They might think your posts are just lovely.

        Fortunately, in my case, my holdover post titles have everything to do with the content.

  12. Joe! I can’t believe I came in second in comments only two PMOA, Commenter Extraordinaire! But I’m not surprised that I made the list because I really love your blog and all the great concepts you always come up with, and I never leave without feeling just a tiny bit happier. From the Collins sisters to your travel vacation narratives to your Mom’s hysterectomy story, well I don’t care what it is — you are always as entertaining as all get out! And I’m looking forward to more fun in 2014! (And I’m glad to get the 13 out of the date!)

  13. A nice year end review. Sorry I did not make the top 3, but I will try to do better next year. Unfortunately, that means I have to whittle my reading list down so you don’t get lost (the email notification thing never seems to work).

    Hope 2014 has good things in store for you!

  14. My most popular posts seem to be the ones with pictures of bugs on them.

    • What are the search terms?

      We need to know what is driving people to you. What do they want with the bugs?

      • My #1 search term is “why are there so many flies in my house”.

        • Should have guessed. Psycho glamourised keeping your dead family members body’s around. But it never explained how to properly embalm them to avoid decomposition.

  15. If I didn’t even make top 5, no wonder you forget about me!

  16. Wait . . .is that a photo of your garden or Ina’s Garten? 😉 Happy New Year!

  17. Everyone who has posted their stats had a better year in 2012. I think they should come clean and admit they stopped giving us extra views when readers ping pong around our blogs. A WordPress engineer told me that a while back.
    Happy 2014!.


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