Something Changed

Well that only took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to make a new post.

Having been busy of late and trying to catch up on your posts when I can, it suddenly became night on impossible today.   My reader is acting like someone spilt coffee over it and quickly tried to mop it up but the damage had already been done.

Some of your posts open in a small window where I don’t see your full blog, so all that work you make on your layout seems pointless now.   Others don’t open at all, the tab at the top changes to your post link but I am still viewing my reader.

I’m not so bothered about my own blog being read as I have been too busy to post of late but am annoyed I am struggling to read all of you.  If anyone knows another easier way to follow you then let me know, if you are linked to Facebook or Twitter and your posts go there then we should become friends (I never forget a birthday) then I can catch up with you there. 

The new style WordPress Reader is akin to being sea sick, and seems aimed purely at people with nothing to say, I want to read those of you who put time into your writing and this format seems to piss all over your efforts, completely taking away the interaction that made WordPress different.   So I do feel sea sick as if they have cast my ship afloat and you are standing on the dock waving your handkerchiefs as my ship sails far away.  

The whole joy of WordPress was making connections with people across the world, meaningful ones, a tie that now feels cruelly severed.

I may be over-dramatising (just a tad), but is no one else not having a problem with it?





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  1. Le Clown

     /  November 6, 2013

    Mon ami,
    Soul Walker was quite vocal about the new Reader on my post today. He was upset, and lashed out, and called the troops. I haven’t seen the mess yet, but I am gathering it’s going from “middle of the road” to “road apple”?
    Le Clown

    • I’ll have to read his comments if I can find my way to Le Clown’s world ever again! I’ll have to pack some powdered food, some matches, a sleeping bag, good boots and set off hunting for the entrance to the blogs I like to hang out in.

  2. Yep. I had to basically say a prayer to open up your post just now. I hate the new reader. I’ll click on “view original” and usually nothing happens. These young wordpress whippersnappers need to stop with all the change, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • Sounds like an uprising is needed 😀 I a bit of change is fine, but it’s honestly baffling how to use it. I don’t want a snippet of someones post as a pop up, I want to go into their blog and their world. I have a voice inside my head of what everyone sounds like when I read them and their blog appearance is part of that voice.

  3. I’m hating it too, I use something called Bloglovin, I add all blogs there and read them from there. WP keeps messing it up, first all the ads and now this.
    I’m on twitter @DoggysStyle4u sounds like porn right?

    • That is a fantastic handle. You must get some interesting visitors 😉

      I have bloglovin, but I get emails when new posts go up but I like everything in one place.

      I’m too old for change dammit

  4. This is why I subscribe by email. I have never been a fan of the reader, personally. I do what I can to avoid it.

  5. The reader’s all screwed up for me, too. What’s really vexing me are the problems with getting my site and others’ to work. I have to load them three or four times before they display and become functional. I emailed WordPress, but (and this will surprise you) have not solved the problem.

    • I’m glad it isn’t just me, everyone is hating this, so why are they continuing? it isn’t just a nip and tuck they’ve gone for a full body transformation. I commented on a forum thread and everyone was saying the same thing with little reply form the powers that be, even some moderators didn’t like it though.

      I make most bad decisions when drunk. They must have been legless.

  6. So you finally succumbed to Twitter!?!? Fantastic! I’m @DefiniteDisney. And don’t worry — it’s not all Disney all the time. Last night, for example, I decided to save calories by skipping dinner and just drinking instead. Smart, right? No. And now, the morning after, I’m catching up on my own Twitter feed to see what the hell I said. Spoiler alert: I called some people bitches, got one guy to confess his love to me, and won a Little Mermaid journal.

    • I have it on my phone but I don;t check it often, maybe once every two weeks.

      To be honest I don’t get it, and that’s perfectly encompassed by your experience! 😀 Mermaids…

  7. stupid wordpress…

  8. I just click on view original, but there is a huge uproar about it on WordPress Support. Also Timethief who is a WordPress Happiness Engineer has been very vocal.

    You can follow me on Facebook! Susie Lindau

    • Thanks Susie, I found the forum thread and posted there. I don;t like how it is geared to mobile use, it makes it more disconnected to people. But then maybe it’s just me who pays £30 a month for a mobile tariff only to always leave my phone at home. I still only use my phone for calls and texts and to tell the time 🙂

      I like to sit at home with a coffee and catch up on people’s posts, (or when I have some quiet sneaky time at work)

      Checking a phone continually when on the go isn’t me and I commented on those people on my previous post as their heads are buried in their devices whilst travelling. I prefer to spend that time in my thoughts, observing, it’s a chill out time for me even on packed London transport. And when I go out friends are buried in their phones instead of listening to me rattle on 😀

      I don’t like where this is all going

  9. It is bollocks

  10. It’s a very strange format isn’t it? Like I’m not even sure where this comment is going to end up.

    Very well said. I think my interest in WordPress diminished when it became IMPOSSIBLE to find new people without doing A LOT of work. Instead of keeping things simple I guess they had to pay their staff money to reinvent what got us to come here in the first place.

    • I just realised I sneak peeks at blogs all day at work, but this is their work. How do they actually skive off for a bit at work? That’s why they’ve done it, they live in a parallel universe where they doss all day and do hard graft for a break from the skiving. In complete contrast to the rest of us.

  11. I hate the new Reader. Let me count the ways:

    1. In general, I hate the trend of popping up a semi-transparent window that obscures the original.
    2. If a blog is configured to only show snippets in RSS, then the only thing the popup gives you that the main Reader page doesn’t is the ability to click on “view original”. Everything else is the same — it’s the exact same text snippet and the same buttons for reblogging, commenting, liking, etc. So all the popup does is add one more step to the process of reading a blog entry — it doesn’t add any information or functionality.
    3. Even if a blog shows entire posts in RSS, the popup’s version is uglier than the real version (or, at least, different from what the blogger intended).
    4. The “view original” link is in the wrong place. Clicking on the title should take you to the original.
    5. The popup stays around after you’ve clicked “view original”. Why? Why would anyone want to go back to the popup after viewing the original post?

    I should probably post this to that forum thread.

    In the meantime, I’m @laurasbadideas on Twitter, and my blog has its own Facebook page.

    • I agree to all your points! And I’m already following your blog on Facebook.maybe you don’t recognise me under my real name. I like to be mysterious.

      I don’t think I will ever catch on to twitter though. I should stop trying.

  12. Im not liking the reader at all. although im not here as much as i used to be, so it isnt overwhelmingly annoying. in other news;
    Joe, my dear, I believe you have been spammed. Sorry , I know this is way off topic. I’m just getting tons of people commenting on my comments over here. They appear to be mostly spam. Lord knows I have them plenty of material over here…

    I’m missing you. Friends in general, you especially. I don’t write much on wp at all. I’m trying to do one of my book ideas, but not writing too much there either. Busy with kids and holidays, and I’m also trying to do a crafty type of thing with debri from the tornados.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re posting some more, and I hope everything is going wonderfully for you and your other half, and of course the queen of your house, your beautiful cat.

    My daughter desperately wants a puppy for Christmas and my physical therapist should have some ready around that time.

    Sorry for talking so much here Joe. I’m a dork like that. Sigh… At least it’s good for your stats right?

  13. All the blogs I follow come to my email which is the way I prefer it. But if you want – you can follow me on Twitter: or FB: I have my blog hooked up to both, so every time I post, it shows up on Twitter & FB. Send me a friend request & I’ll be happy to friend you!


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