Painting by numbers. Ref: #002 Cocktail Hour

Welcome back to the next painting by numbers instalment

I hope you are proud of your efforts from the last project and it is displayed in your home to much admiration from your family and guests.

Today’s artwork will really test your new-found artistry as it uses 7 colours!

It is entitled “Cocktail Hour”

It depicts a tramp drinking a can of Special Brew and smoking a spliff

Ready, set…get painting!

Colour Key:

1 – Grey

2 – Pink

3 – Gold

4 – White

5 – Dark Blue

6 – Darker Blue

7 – Even Darker Blue, that it’s almost black

Feel free to add your own creative flourish like a spot of blood from when he fell over in the gutter, or any other dubious unidentifiable stains on his clothes.


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