Remembering Mrs T

“I pity the fool who marries me”

Only kidding, I’m not talking about that Mrs T, anyway, I checked Wikipedia and I don’t think Mr T ever got married.  It’s just aswell, it wouldn’t make sense for someone to have more jewelry than his wife, it just wouldn’t have worked out.

Of course I’m referring to Margaret Thatcher.  There are so many fond memories I don’t know where to begin, but I’ll try.


I think her best role was in The Falklands War, I see they are currently devising a sequel.  This sucks, sequels are rarely as good as the original, well maybe Aliens, I liked that, and Toy Story 2 and 3 for that matter, but probably no others were better than the original – I know, I’ve seen Batman and Robin.

She was pretty good in The Miner’s Strike, I think I saw it that on the BBC, she was really believable as a stoney faced tyrant.

I asked a few of my friends what their favourite Maggie moments are:



I loved that cover version of “I Got you babe” she did with her old mucker General Pinochet, I still sing that on the karaoke down the Dog and Duck.



I liked that twist on the  Robin Hood legend she starred in, where they stole from the poor and gave to the rich instead.  I thought that was dead clever how they did that.   She would have been perfect for Game of Thrones, the casting agents missed a trick there.


In anticipation of her upcoming authorised biography released on the 17th April, coincidentally the same day as her funeral – what are the odds!   A séance was held to garner her thoughts on her career as a whole:

Seance0002 - Copy - Copy

Seance0002 - Copy



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  1. I thought She was brilliant as Amy Winehouse. Who knew she could pretend to sing?
    I wonder if her real life death was because she was so consumed by the role of Amy.
    (Ok, that’s about as crass as I get.)

    • Ha! Good one though!

      I was going to let this event pass by, but then some of the outpouring of grief I am reading makes me say “Eh?!”

  2. I’ll share with 2 Thatcher lovers I have on my Facebook, I shared a pic of Maggie arms spread that read “Now hell is being privatized”
    Their reaction was lovely to say the least, I think they’ll appreciate this one.
    Good one sir!

  3. I must admit I was a bit young during Thatcher’s reign and not political at all. But I figure if she was fond of Ronald Reagan, she was tops in my book.

  4. That was funny. What is also funny is that Miss Iron Knickers was the first woman to become Prime Minister of England, and did absolutely nothing to better the postition of women who wanted to work, or their salaries, and she didn’t help the poor women either, because she was born to money and didn’t realate to the poor. Or other people for that matter.

    • I just hate the rose tinted spectacle view she is receiving, I have a lot harsher things to say about her but mu usual piss take sufficed. There was a Freshly pressed post about her this week which made me sick in my mouth. Not about the writer, it was just a bit saccharine and wasn’t a piece about her politics so I didn’t mind that, but then people’s replies were naive. “She sounds like a lovely lady” “She did great things for feminism” She didn’t, she was a woman who disliked women, she found them weak, no doubt she had to take a sterner line to keep in with an old boys club but she mind no efforts to even include women in her cabinet let alone improve things in the general workplace.

      I can’t bear people say “have respect she was someone’s mother” Yes, the mother of someone who made much money out of arms deals orchestrated by her mother. If she was on Facebook her friends would be some of the most evil dictators in the world. It’s happening all over again in the UK though, the poor are being punished for the wealthy’s excess just to keep them in the manner they are accustomed too.

  5. LOL Joe!! OMG! Seriously, this is the tribute that should be hodge podged to her headstone! You could do it yourself and then send the bill to the Falkland Islands! Oh and you left out Waynes World II and Godfather II both sequels that are better than the first ones Oh and Austin Powers II was better too! Now get to hodge podging, Joe!

    • Good point, those were good sequels.

      We don’t forget anyone in history who have wronged so I don’t get why many are portraying her as doing a sterling job. She was a tyrant, she had people under the cosh, and had it been a less westernized society she would have done far more damage.

      • Oh that’s interesting. Her image over here was that she was firm but fair. That’s just the impression I got from out news during that time. I had no idea she was a tyrant! It’s nauseating how the news puffs up famous people’s accomplishments just because they’re dead. They’ll probably be falling all over themselves when Nancy Reagan dies going on and on about what a great person she was!

        • So true, she had a great persona elsewhere. My boss at work loved her, he got very rich under her regime. Whereas I grew up on the other end of the spectrum, not as bad as others endured, but you certainly knew where you stood in society. None of it matters, I see him at close hand who is extremely wealthy who never seems happy and always has stresses in life, always looking for more money to be made. And I am content enjoying the simple things like when I spot someone who has fallen into the clothes recycling bin on the street. Life is fun!

          • Haha! It’s the little things like seeing someone falling into a clothes recycyling bin that make this life worth living! LOL!! I completely agree!

            The most unhappy people I have ever known were well off. (and also the dullest). It’s almost like the more money they have the more unfulfilled they are. They can’t appreciate the little things in life. I bet they’re never laughed at someone falling into the recycling bin in their lives!!

            • All I remember are her legs waving about in the air as I cycled past, that’s why I don’t tear it down the roads at high speed, people are missing all the best bits in their rush to get somewhere

  6. I was never very political when Maggie was in power & quite far away over here in Canada, but I thought it was cool when they elected a female prime minister!

    • It was, I just fear she ruined it going forwards buy being so unsupportive of women. I do understand she was a certain way to compete in a male dominated system, but she became something worse.

  7. Great post Joe – the fact that her kids weren’t around as she croaked says it all really.

  8. Joe Joe you are so B A D and I love it!

    • Everyone needs to laugh at themselves so hope Mags would have appreciated it, if not then she confirms all I believed about her 🙂

      I had noticed youv’e put up a few posts lately, I’ve been mental busy at work and such and not been catching up on my reading. I have a long overdue free weekend of doing nothing planned so will be stopping by your blog to catch up.

  1. Social Saturday: Margaret Thatcher | Faded Seaside Mama

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