Check out my favourite people

(In alphabetical order so don’t get the arse if you are too low down the list.  If I have forgotten to add you then please send me a suitably angry comment below!)

He’s left the building but if the blog is still live there is much hilarity inside

Sausages and swearing, makes sense to me, it should do to you too

I have no words, and it’s probably best not to try and summarise as it won’t do you any good.

A host of superb comedic characters and scenarios from the carrot topped ones.

If it were a crime to be this good, he’d be serving a life sentence.

One of the funniest blogs out there, invest in some tenalady, I really need tenaman for a better fit though, as you’ll wee yourself laughing.

Simply hilarious observationist of thrift store literature, well connected in the doodle character world too.

If he didn’t write a blog his head would probably explode, so it’s just aswell, his many thougths and brilliant wit is amplified here.

pass the

If you’re ever in Luxembourg then check out this site by my good friends for where to eat and drink, they’ll be at the bar anyway since they like the sauce.

She’s been Freshly Pressed more times than I’ve bench pressed, I haven’t ever bench pressed, but Peg has been Freshly Pressed loads.

London from the perspective of our most aimiable pigeon, Brian.

Art, photoshop and thoughts from a wonderfully addled mind.

She’s a Maineiac

And that’s in her words not mine.   Brilliantly riddled with humor and Queen of the Vlog (TM Joehoover)

Always hilarious, always prolific, and always Freshly Pressed, and handsome too.  He makes me sick.


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  1. I’m your favorite? Thanks Joe, and yeah, I saw the two wheeled part, but since just about everyone else can ride a bike; I’m just going to pretend you were saying I was your favorite blogger in the world.

    I like how you used a lot of f-words to describe me too. There has to be a deeper meaning somewhere in that. Like, I’m friendly or something… 😉

  2. I think you should advertise your blog roll a little, it doesn’t seem like many people are seeing it. I went to JustMakingConvo, and it is so funny.

    • I had it on the side but it gets too long with all my previous posts too. She’s great isn’t she, check back her older stuff, I don’t know how she is always so continually hilarious.


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