Londonsurvival – Anal Discontenting since 2011

I learnt a new phrase, courtesy of someone posting an objection to my masquerading as Ina Garten on a previous post.  They also called me an asshole and a joker, but an Anal Discontent seemed a more apt fit.

It seemed fitting for a post title as I approach five years of blogging, though my output has been practically non-existent for a year, something my stat views back up.  Take a look, I peaked in 2012 and have been in decline since then.  I feel like the Conservative Government, so inline with impending elections I will canvas to win back some departed followers with much more anal discontenting, the like which hasn’t been seen since 2012.


Thank you to the random commenter for alerting me to my lack of content, it recalled the days when I would post three times a week something more idiotic than the last, reminding me why I did this to begin with, to spew out useless crap to clog up the internet – well, everyone else is doing it so why not?

It had been an awkward post as people searching for Ask Ina to find out how she makes her meringues, unwittingly stumbled across this site.   Still none the wiser of reading such a ludicrous post they proceeded to ask cookery questions which I aimed to assist with but always told them this wasn’t actually Ina.   A few people have taken offence to it over the years and occasionally do get a little diatribe pop up in my comments.  Maybe Ina has god like status over there?  I just assumed she was a chubbier Delia Smith.


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