Birthday Rhymes

Happy Birthday Betty White, of diminutive height, you still shine bright


Happy Birthday Zooey Deschanel, your kookiness is pretty swell


Happy Birthday Jim Carey, bit too loud, bit too lairy


Happy Birthday Andy Kaufman, really dead or an elaborate plan?   (Hang on, Jim Carey played you and it’s his birthday too, seems odd but it is true)


Happy Birthday Michelle Obama, for giving me a visa after all the drama


Happy Birthday David Caruso, have you ever thought of a ginger fro?


Happy birthday Susannah Hoffs, your eternal flame will never go off   (out doesn’t rhyme)


And to end this list finally, a Happy Birthday…to ME!


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  1. This was my 250th post. And if you divide that by 5 and minus 12 you get my age. Weird huh.

  2. Happy Birthday, Joe! Just so happens I saw this today about one of the notables above. …. and here’s a treat to go along with it

  3. You share your birthday with Betty White?
    I don’t share mine with any celebrity, but with a couple of serial killers, I think so.
    Well, happy birthday.
    I gotta post my favorite “Happy Birthday” video ever.
    Feel free to delete the comment, no offense will be taken.

  4. Another year came and went. I’ve enjoyed reading posts with your humor, quite bent.
    And for the next year, why, just let it rip. (Will the US recover from your long-plotted trip?)

    With congratulations, joy and mirth, Happy Anniversary!!!! on the date of your birth.

    • That was awesome! I take my hat off to you, that beats my feeble rhyming attempts.

      (See, I couldn’t even make a reply rhyme)

      We’ll wait til Pouringmyartout awakens, he’s pretty good at the rhymes.

  5. Aw, damn. I wish I shared mine with my idol Betty White. Happy birthday to you, Joe! Don’t worry about getting older, the great thing is your mind goes and you just don’t give a shit anymore.

  6. Many happy returns Joe!

  7. Happy Birthday Joe! I’m new to your blog but so far so good ;)! I’m looking forward to reading you as often as I possibly can (hope you are ok with that;)! P.S. I’m not very famous as of just yet but F.YI. my Bday is on the 14th of July (The Bastille day) and for this occasion they have the most beautiful fireworks display in Paris! ;0)x x x

    • Thank you for stopping by with birthday wishes! I only have to share my birthday with some assorted celebes, you have to share yours with a national holiday, you win!

      I don’t post as often these days so it’s easy to keep up, though most of what I post is absolute nonsense!

      I see my old friend The Hobbler was on your About page. She is absent for too long….maybe she will see this and come and drop by 🙂

      • Your old friend The Talented Wonderful Hobbler ;0) (who clearly is being very busy with her fascinating life right now 😉 was the the one who introduced your blog to me. For that I’m eternally grateful as you are really not so bad at all 😉 Kidding of course, I think you are great! And I hope your Birthday celebrations will continue away from the PC screen. As today has been really beautiful sunny day in London! Feels almost like it’s spring already! So as far as I’m concerned, your Birthday is when Spring can be sensed in the winter air for the first time! Enjoy! ;0)

        • Oh, you’re a Londoner. There are few of us on WordPress. I will celebrate well, it’s my last weekend in Camden Town as I bought a flat miles away.

          • Why? Did you not like it in Camden? How long did you live there? And where will you be moving? And once again, WHY? 😉 as moving could be such a dramatic process (which I have no doubt will be very well managed by you! ;0)

          • Ok, that’s me being way too inquisitive (I’m afraid very inappropriately so;0/ My apologies for that. I’m sure it will all work out great where ever you might be moving! As you are taking your fantastic personality with you! So all the very Best on the new location, Joe ;0) x x x

  8. omg… you look like Brad freekin’ Pitt in the picture… now I really can’t wait to meet you…

  9. Happy birthday to the Hoove–He’s got the humor, he’s got the groove! 🙂

  10. Happy Birthday, Joe!

  11. Anonymous

     /  January 18, 2014

    Hi Joe! Just stopped by via Benze’s blog to wish you a Happy Birthday! Cheers! Hope your day was awesome!

    And you share your day with a lot of great people you listed here. Love Betty White!

  12. This makes me wish it was your birthday every day. Looking good for your 250/5 – 12 years old.

  13. Hope you had a beautiful birthday!

  14. Happy, happy birthday Joe – did you see my post? I didn’t know you had done one too until I searched your site for a link.

  15. Anonymous

     /  January 19, 2014

    Joe Joe you are so cute! First time I have seen your face, well the face on top of your shoulders. Happy birthday buddy. I know I will not see you when you get here to the States but know that I will be thinking of you.

  16. For some reason my id is not showing up on your blog. Anyway that is me anonymous Life is a bowl of kibble

  17. Anonymous

     /  January 20, 2014


  18. Beautiful wishes all! Happy birthday! Hope you had a good one.

  19. Happy Birthday…to you!

  20. Happy Birthday Joe! What a great gang of people to share your birthday with! You should invite them all to your party. Except for maybe Jim Carey. I have a feeling he’d steal the limelight away from the rest of you! (And what a great picture of you! You’re even more photogenic than your thumb — but don’t mention I said that to your thumb, huh?)

    • I’m having thumb facemasks made up to give to anyone I meet on my California travels

      As long as you don’t shoot people with thumbs for faces over there?

      • LOL! I can’t tell you how long I sat here thinking up an answer for that question! I suppose it’s possible. People are weird here and very rude in some areas!

        • That would be fine, I live in London, rudeness is a way of life.

          • Really? When my son went to England he couldn’t get over how nice everybody was. I don’t think he spent much time in London though.

            • it’s not that bad, we just look miserable but we often open up when prodded. Everyone outside London are so nosey with their good morning’s and how are you’s 😀

              • Ahaha! Well that’s exactly why I want to go. He also said every town has it’s own English Accent. That alone would be fascinating!

                • Yeah sure, I have now idea what some people are saying up north. Except the south east where I am from, it is a normal accent but people try and mimic London accents or cockney, so we call them mockney’s.

                  Everything from the midlands upwards or to the southwest have very differing accents. South East is the blandest in general, has no character at all. What is the American equivalent of that I wonder?

                  • Mockneys! Aha! Now that I think about it we really have lots of different accents too. We have the country western Hillbilly accent. (The country western singer are our version of fake accent mockneys). And then we have the southern accents. And people who live in New York City and New Jersey have accents (some of them do anyway) And then there’s the mid-western accent like in the movie Fargo. I’ve heard people say that California has it’s own accent, but I’ve never been able to hear it. Maybe you’ll be able to hear it when you come.

                    • I tend to put on my best English accent when abroad.

                    • Well over here we love people with English accents. You guys sound so much smarter than us!

                    • I wore my glasses the other day and someone at work had never seen me in them, they thought I looked like a doctor.

                      English accent and specs when I come to America then

                    • Trust me when I say you will be the most popular man in the state of California!

                    • I might pretend I am Hugh Grant and see who falls for it

                    • Everybody will! Oh and you could also perform a few open heart surgeries to earn some extra vacation spending money. Wait you’ll be in Southern California . . . make that a few face lifts.

                    • I’m handy in the kitchen on my Thai cookery course we all tried frantic chopping, people gasped at my quick action. I just need to find a surgery where repeated slashes are a good look

                    • Wow! You have so many talents! What about removing an appendix? If you didn’t get it on the first slash you could just explain that the glasses must have the wrong prescription.

                    • In Thailand I could probably get away with it

                    • Ha ha! I bet you could and make a lot of money in the process. Getting those calf appendixes past customs might be tricky though.

                    • A friend of mind thinking about going to California too and wants to do a road trip from San Francisco to San Deigo. I may try and team up with them, I don’t drive so it doesn’t bother me and get to see more. I am meeting him Friday to bang out a plan, I’ll have to tap you for tips. I yet may make those thrift stores 😀

                      Another blogger, Pouring my art out may be joining my trip too an showing me around. We could turn it into a blogging convention and have guest speakers like professional conventions do. Though I will invite Maude and the Collins sisters and you can bring the drawing lady.

                      I shouldn’t mock, some people take blogging conventions very seriously….

                    • Oh what wonderful news!! Oh you will get to see so much of the state and you don’t have to do any driving so it’s all good! You should come up the coast highway. I’m sure PAMO will know all the best places to take you! I’ll get some good places that you can go to in SF from my son who lives there. Oh you are going to have a great trip!! Hey! maybe we could arrange a mudwrestling match between the Drawing Lady and Maude and the Collins sisters!

                    • 😀 If my characters haven’t popped their clogs by then!

                    • Ahaha! You guys have the best expressions over there!

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!!!!!!!!!! sorry for the delay… Hope it was WILD!

    • Haha! No worries, I celebrate less and less each year.

      I can;t even remember it so it was either great or my old age just made me forget 😉


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