Happy Birthday AB

Today is a special day, Dick Cheney is quaking in his boots whilst Conan the Barbarian raises a goblet of blood and monkey’s screech in applause aswell as throwing shit (as that’s what monkey’s do)

It is in honour of our friend’s birthday.  PMAO has reached another landmark in his quest to rule the universe and others beyond it.

I was going to make a link to his book which you will buy but he’s just tarted up his blog so there is a link already there.

If you want to see ninja’s surfing or tigers attacking 100m runners I would make his site your first point of call.  It’ll save you a lot of time Googling.

He possesses many powers; babies and dogs are drawn to him, the affections of which have evaded myself my whole life.  He has an astounding memory to recall many amazing stories from his past, I envy this as I hear my brain cells popping every other minute.

He sees the best things in life, and cuts through the bullshit others try to complicate it with.

He is ultimately one of the loveliest blokes you could hope to meet on the blogosphere, so I can imagine how lucky his real world family and friends are to know him.  And he kindly had a birthday so I can add another notch to my published posts stats.

Have a great day Arthur!  I’ll raise a glass in my local saloon (not quite on the edge of everywhere)

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  1. That may be the sweetest thing anybody ever typed about me… I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry… but that was awesome sausages. I love you man!

  2. What a nice birthday tribute Joe!

  3. I’ve seen Arthur all over the place, I’ll start following him.
    Happy birthday Arthur, drawing dogs and babies is a great power if used wisely.

    • what happens if used unwisely? It’s terrifying as it is!

      • then you won’t have any flavor to have a yummy burger or potatoe fries. If you want to know how to make a perfect burger and fries look up the recipes and then you will learn
        how to.

  4. Any friend of Arthur’s is a friend of mine! 🙂

  1. Thanks Joe… | Pouring My Art Out

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