Painting by numbers. Ref #003: A Night On The Tiles

By now you should be expert in painting by numbers, keeping between the lines and creating a masterpiece to hang over your mantle.

If so, you’ll look forward to the challenge of the next piece titled ‘A Night on The Tiles’

Once finished, you will be the proud owner of your own artwork depicting a girl falling out of a car drunk and face planting onto the road.

It will be sure to get tongues wagging at your monthly swingers party (and wagging for a different reason than usual)

As a bonus I’m going to throw off the shackles for this project, whilst I indicate what colours to use for the girl, you have a free reign to colour the car as you see fit

You could model this on your own car and imagine you are the girl making a fool of herself after a Babycham too many.

My only condition is the road should still be grey, no landing on a plush lawn.  This is a nose dive onto hard concrete, the kind of impact that will require rhinoplasty.

1 Yellow

2 Pink

3 Lilac

4 Blue

5 Navy Blue


Happy Painting!

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