Memories of Spring

After enduring 6 months of a harsh London Winter which is becoming the norm, where I didn’t head off for sunnier climes (middle class problems),  it’s finally showing signs of warming up for Spring.  We had about 5 days the other week of lovely weather, then I had to put my heating on again as it was cold.   This week looks like perking up again.

I can now venture into my garden and see what damage the Winter has done.

My table is warped and dressed with a tablecloth made of moss

My fence is half broken and rotten splintered wood pokes out from the jasmine plant that is slowly dragging itself to the ground in long drawn out suicide attempt

Blossom is absent since the council decapitated the trees, now it’s silhouette is akin to the form of Nosferatu

Creeper weeds strangled all of the plants and threaten to remake The Day of The Triffids

My bike sits rusting, tires as deflated as it’s spirit

Garden pest remains adorn the concrete paving like the aftermath of a bloody battle – Game of Slugs

Cat poop carpets the soil as Lily makes the Guinness Book of Records for world’s largest litter tray.

Ashtrays sit overflowing with cigarette butts swollen from rainwater like hamster’s tampons

The BBQ is veiled in a waterproof cover resembling R2D2 in a burqa

I thought back to happier times for my garden, so dug out these photos of when it was looking more presentable.






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