Painting by numbers – Ref #001 Bathtime!

I was actually quite a good artist in my youth, having inherited my father’s gift, himself a talented artist.

But like him, life got in the way of my art and I didn’t use my skills since.  I once tried to get back in the groove to little avail, can drawing be unlearned?  As my attempts were feeble to say the least.

With this in mind I sought new ways to rekindle my artistic flair, so decided to work with painting by numbers.

But art should be something shared for everyone to participate in, so I have created a series of painting by numbers artwork for you to try at home.

Here is my first piece entitled “Bathtime!”

As you can see it’s a cat licking it’s bum.

Colour codes are as follows:

1) White

2) Light Brown

And if you print on white paper you won’t even need to colour in the number 1 sections, saving you half the time.

I hope you enjoy unleashing the artist within.


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