Freshly Pressed!

Today was very exciting at Londonsurvival as I was Freshly Pressed…….on my own blog!   But the great thing was I wasn’t just Freshly Pressed on my own blog once, I was Freshly Pressed 3 times all in the same day.

See my Freshly Pressed posts below.

Cats and things!

OMG! So cute!

Hehe, playful kitties

Cats are so inquisitive

Crafts and things!

Don’t you hate waste, anything destined for the bin can be used in creative ways.  After I used a broken umbrella for a shower curtain and used the contents of my food waste recycling bin to create a Nigel Slater recipe, I wondered what else I could get crafty with.   I realised that I never owned any post it notes at home so it was infuriating forgetting things all the time.

I then set about finding a solution, here’s what I did:

Step 1:  Keep all your old newspapers and magazines.

Step 2: Go through the newspapers and find the words you need to make up the sentence for your reminder

Step 3:  Cut them out

Step 4: Stick them to something plain.  I use the back of an envelope or a toilet roll tube.

Step 5: Assemble the words to form the sentence you need and glue into place.

Step 6:  Place your “Post it” somewhere handy.

Voila, home-made Post-its!



Lists and things!

These are my favourite shows on TV right now:

1)  The News.

You never know what is going to happen, it’s always surprising, it could be something dramatic or  moving, or it could be something uplifting.  Where will the next episode take us, it’s a rollercoaster and how they fit so much into one episode is amazing.

It’s astounding that it is in it’s like, 70th season and still going strong even with an ever changing cast.

2) The Weather.

Whenever I watch this, I’m like all “that’s so true, it’s actually raining in London aswell”  It really makes me empathise with what they are going through.

3) The Test card.  This is the scariest show on TV, keeping you on the edge of your seat for hours, the tension is palatable.  I’ve watched it for hours just waiting for the balloon clown to go on a murderous rampage, it’s giving me goosebumps just thinking about it.

Disclaimer #1: I have a cat, she even blogs on these pages sometimes and she has a Facebook profile.

Disclaimer #2: I can’t defend this one, crafts make your home look like you hired your 5-year-old as an interior designer.

Disclaimer #3: I really do like lists, for example here’s one I made today on my new Post Its:  rope, claw hammer, hacksaw, bin bags, spade, air freshener.

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  1. That’s a nice cock in that post-it note photo. Is that yours, Joe?

  2. laugraeva

     /  January 27, 2013

    Congrats on the triple freshly pressed!

  3. Congrats J.H.! I’ve never been Freshly Pressed on my own blog. I think I used the c-word once and I’ve held it against myself.

    Now I feel the need to figure out which shitty blogs you’re making fun of here.

    • Only a gentle poke at blogs, I wrote this months ago, things got better at freshly pressed for a while. I recall at the time it was really boring

      • Was it the yogurt post you’re referring to? I think that was a year ago. There was a 200 word post about how someone can never find the yogurt they want. It was terrible and it killed Freshly Pressed as far as I’m concerned.

        • Did they find the yoghurt?

          • No 😦 Maybe your piece you write has to have some kind of pain to get Freshly Pressed. We’re just too damn happy Joe Hoover!

            • I wrote about my Nan dying, what more do they want. My shoelace is on the verge of breaking though so I will write about that and the endless search for a suitable replacement

              • Good idea. I think I’m going to write about some popular current event and not put any originality into my thoughts.

                • I’ll change my tune if I actually get Freshly Pressed again (it happened once, a log time ago) then I’ll exchange twee comments with people who comment to get their own blogs noticed.

  4. I was going to suggest you write a post called “Things and Things!”, but when I tried to figure out how that would be any different from “Lists and Things!”, my head exploded. Sorry about the mess.

  5. I wonder if that last list (with the claw hammer and bin bags) wasn’t actually written by your cat….

  6. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! And not just once, but 3 times! I’m so jealous.

  7. Your are priceless Joe Joe! What is your cat’s Facebook page? Would love to follow 🙂

  8. Ummmmm… why have I not seen these posts before? And why did the cat one get pressed? I am conflicted. I am proud of you… but I now wonder what I am doing wrong. Not enough cat porn???

    • It helps to make it up and pretend you have been freshly pressed, I can do anything on my blog! I might start freshly pressing other people too but they have to write really tedious stuff that appeals to the masses.

      • Like cat porn??? Because I did a scorpion doing a ginger root and I got nothing.

        • Scorpions and ginger root memes haven’t taken off on the internet yet. I can’t understand why? We’ve seen every cat meme going, we need something new to email around and post on Facebook.

          I feel bad for making a little dig and some of the stuff that gets Freshly Pressed now. Still, I don’t think the people who make cat blogs and craft blogs follow me so they’ll never know.

  9. Nice one. Can we have a Jackie and Joan to celebrate?

    • Ooh, dunno, after going to my Nan’s house at the weekend, I will look at those armchairs and floral carpets and just remember the stench of urine that enveloped the house.

  10. Oh, I know! Ima gonna wirite an expose on how I am 38 years old with wrinkles AND acne at the same time- that will surely be FP’d, right???

    I like your post it notes- you should sell them, and I think you will need Bleach added to item #3, just in case.

    CONGRATULATIONS, or something.

    • Thanks for tip, I hadn’t thought of that. I could have easily been caught.

      That probably would be FP’d but then you’d right it really well.

  11. The cutest kitty pictures I’ve ever seen! The post-it helpful hint was the best advice I’ve ever been given. And your insights about the news, well it needs to be on the news! Well no wonder it got triple freshly pressed!


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