Paula Deen destroys the economy

One of our most beloved Food Network cooks and Guinness World Record holder for butter guzzling,  Paula Deen, has recently been showing off her dieting efforts.

The ripple effect of this has seen butter prices plummet on the stock market, single-handedly crippling the entire dairy industry.

Farmers burdened with excess milk stock have had no option but to destroy their produce, here we see Farmer Paddy McGraw tipping his wasted stocks.

Dairy farmer throws away milk

Ignoring the devastation she has caused to the farming industry, Paula instead spoke of how she achieved her success at dieting, “It’s all about portion control” she stated, as witnessed here:


Judge for yourself from these publicity shots after her weight loss.  Do the effects of her dramatic weight loss outweigh the damage she is causing to decent hardworking dairy farmers across America?

imageterrahawks1Grand Tasting Village - 2012 SBWFF - February 26, 2012


What if other Food Network hosts followed suit?

If Guy Fieri stopped wearing bowling shirts, and wearing sunglasses on the back of his head then how would the rest of us recognise a giant douche when we see one.

What if Ina Garten stopped accessorizing with gay men then we’d be redundant, on the scrap heap, left to fend for ourselves in the murky alleyways and seedy bars where once we came.

You have a responsibility Paula, grab that Lurpack and reignite the economy.

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  1. This is just mean-spirited and cruel and funny as hell… awesomesausage… one more thing she can’t eat now…

  2. Lord have mercy!

  3. Though I hear the Margarine and Depends marketers are approaching her to be their spokesperson…

  4. Oh dear Elvis … I can’t believe she did that! (I didn’t know about this one). Interesting how her son is getting airtime on the show by developing healthier versions of Mom’s recipes.

    BTW – Here’s a sandwich from my city that I haven’t tried … YET!

  5. Paula Deen is *almost* up there with Honey Boo Boo as the biggest embarrassment to the American people.

    • I wish you had a royal family, or at least make one, with Paula Deen playing The Queen and Honey Boo Boo as your Princess Kate.

  6. LOL! I like when she whispered “cheese” in the video! I think after Paul’s recent fall from grace, she should have to move in with the Collins sisters.


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