You probably won’t have use for my lungs…and my liver is pretty useless too…and my eyes are a bit blurry….but help yourself to the rest.

Londoners flocked to the High Street’s in their droves last weekend, spending 17% more than last year on useless tat that no one really wants.

We’re supposedly about to enter a triple dip recession, what better excuse than to have a final fling with the credit card.

I’ve given up on gift buying for everyone else though, except for the kids, I decided everyone else has enough stuff, when my family ask what I want for Christmas I tell them nothing which leaves them disappointed.  They seem obsessed with gift exchanging, but what could I possibly want?  I really don’t need anything.

I know my mum will end up paying £30 into my bank account despite me insisting she doesn’t, I don’t need the money and considering what I would spend it on she may as well gift wrap a carton of cigarettes and a case of beer.

I am not a complete Ebenezer, I think of other ways to give at Christmas, I’ll take care of the Christmas dinner for 8 people, I’m happy with a bottle glass of wine in the kitchen pottering around, and happy when they are greedily tucking into the end result.

So instead of buying that scarf that your mother kind of liked, or the DVD you think your brother may not have, give to people who actually need something.

There are many simple things you can do, donate to a food bank, they are hanging around the supermarket right now taking donations, or why don’t you give blood?

Or do something that takes a couple of minutes and sign up for your country’s organ donation register, it’s no skin off your nose (they don’t use the skin of your nose).  Unfortunately it is an opt in system and people just don’t bother, after I posted this on Facebook once I had a couple of Likes, but I expect few if any actually bothered signing up, I think a picture of my cat would have gathered more Likes.

Why wouldn’t you donate?  You may spend an age organising your household recycling, think of it as an extension of that.

Sign up here for the UK

Sign up here for the USA

Sign up here for Canada

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  1. A great idea, Joe. Sadly, as an insulin dependent diabetic, I’m not sure there’s a lot of me they can use (though I have signed my drivers license as a donor).

    And what’s wrong with a carton of cigarettes and a case of beer as a gift?
    (Just don’t wrap them – the unwrapping leaves me winded!)

  2. Nice post…I am already an organ donor. Not sure what organs peeps would want of mine, but if I’m gone to the nether worlds, what am i gonna do with it anyways?! Merry Christmas. Hope you have a nice holiday.

  3. I like how I say, ‘except for the kids’ makes it sound like they are my own kids. (Shudders)

    I meant to say my nieces.

  4. Great post. Already on organ donor register, can’t give blood due to meds though.
    We’ve been doing kids only pressies for a few years now. Makes sense and a lot less stress.

    • Anything that takes the stress out of Xmas is essential

      I think it makes sense, my partner and I don’t need things for Christmas so our money saved just goes towards holidays. Much more fun.

  5. I’m the same, I’m not giving gifts this year, specially because a lot of people are know are not working currently, so gift exchanging makes little sense.
    I’m already a registered organ donor, my parents always insisted on that. In here I donate blood once in awhile, I have a rare type so every bit helps.
    Really nice post.

    • In the UK I am not allowed to give blood as I am gay, they won’t even bother to test to check it is ok. Soemthing they do without thinking for hetreosexual folk, it;s a bit naive in this day and age to assume they are all fine but they will test theirs anyway. That’s a debate for another day.

  6. As with you, I can’t recommend my liver, but the rest of me may be worth salvaging. I’d already signed the back of my driver’s license, but this year, I think I’ll take it a step further and get on the national registry. Thanks for the reminder, Joe.

    • You are all so good! So it is just my friends who haven’t bothered to sign up.

      I only remembered as a young woman just died here form getting cancer from a heavy smokers lungs she was transplanted. I know mine will be the same but it goes to show how desperate they must have been and in need of a transplant that she was given something that useless for her, either that or it was complete negligence on the hospitals behalf. Either way, too many organs go unused.

  7. maryisidra

     /  December 18, 2012

    I am a full body donor. They have issues with my blood because my brother has Aids and we lived together like 10 years ago. oh well..Enjoy your holidays.. ( i am a new non blogger fan from Alabama…

    • Good on you and sounds like you blood donor rules are as antiquated as ours, they test them anyway so why us anyone excluded when there is such high demand for donors? Thanks for commenting, read around a bit and on other blogs and put a toe in, the blogging world is fun and a great community

  8. Gays can’t donate blood?? In the US too!?!? Madness. How do they know you’re gay? Is it part of the honor system for you to confess, or do they have a special gaydar detector that blocks you from entering the blood collection center? So crazy.

    I’m already an organ donor, but joke’s on them when they realize it’s all pickled and probably resembles swiss cheese.

    Related question: can you donate blood if your BAC is borderline flammable?

    • Nope, daft isn’t it, we’re not all slutbags! (Well, many years ago) but after being in a relationship for 6 years, don’t they know the sex dries up, I am of no mroe harm than the next person, and they get their blood tested before it’s used so why not everyone’s.

      I could get a HIV test result in 30 seconds, so why can’t they do that when donating blood.

  9. I’ve been an organ donor since I was 18, and I’m also a recipient (not an organ, exactly, but some of the cartilage in my left knee is pre-owned).

    • Nice one Laura, I wasn’t expecting so many replies to be from everyone already registered, but then I know everyone here arre all a good bunch of people, I’m targetting the wrong market.

      • It’s really easy to sign up here — you just need to check a box on the form you fill out when you get / renew your driver’s license.

  10. Barrel of Homebrew on the way Joe – I already carry the cards – any chance of a pre Xmas Joan and Jackie?

    • I think I need to do something silly, I’ve been too serious (kind of) on the blog lately. I finish work tomorrow so I plan on getting drunk then sitting at home doing nothing but will do some light hearted blogs and get into the Christmas spirit.

      • Good – did Shane turn up?

        • I don’t think so, my friend facebooked waht a good evening it was but he never mentioned Shane getting up to sing, I would have thought he would have done if he had.

          I know the owner of the pub, The Boogaloo in HIghgate is mates with Shane McGowan. I expect he was suffering the drink as I was

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  12. Great post. I am more than an organ donor. After they take what is usable, the rest is going to research. Cadavers have to come from somewhere.

  13. I’ve been an organ donor for years, but so far I haven’t had to donate any of my organs.

    I found my way here from Gingerfightback, so glad he reblogged your post!

    • Awwe, GFB is a legend!

      Thanks for coming over, I’ve seen you around a while and with my two weeks off at Xmas I had earmarked catching up on some blogs I have been missing, I’ll be over soon!

  14. Or, you could tell those people who insist on buying you a gift that you don’t need to donate on your behalf?

    • I never thought of that, I don’t know if my mother would even donate to charity. We don’t know each other at all!

  15. I know what part of you I want, Joe… and I don’t mean that in a gay way… because I’m not… not that there is anything wrong with that… but really, I just want it as a suvineer…suvenier… suvieneir… a keepsake.

  16. You can still get a carton of cigs & a case of beer for 30 pounds? When I quit smoking last year I was paying almost $100 for a carton of cigs alone!
    I have been a donor since I was 18. Over here, when you sign your driver’s license you can choose whether you want to donate just your organs for transplant purposes, whether you want your body used for scientific research or a combination of both.
    Merry Christmas Joe!

    • That’s great you have that, maybe we do? But I don’t drive, I’ll ask around. I am impressed everyone is signed up, it must be a UK thing then, I’ll switch my focus,

      I meant one packet of cigs, about £7 now, beer can be cheap in the supermarket though, I could get about 30 cans for £20 on a special offer.

      Have a great Xmas, I have one more post before Xmas and I start on those beers


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