Wrists around the world

Libby is a young girl who has spent the past two years fighting a brain tumor and is now fighting to survive the effects of radiation and chemotherapy. As a tribute to her positive energy, Libby’s cousins began a survivorship campaign they call, “LibStrong.”

I told you about a great cause before, go check it out in more detail at wristsaroundtheworld

My photos are now up there (the London ones obviously)

I promised you my wrists but these are not my wrists in the photos owing to my project companion being completely useless at staging the photos, so after wrenching the camera from his hand and declaring him a moron I took on the photographic duties myself.

Please participate in this, it’s a lot of fun, I got extremely drunk stopping off at pubs during the shoot and ended up bumping into many old friends in different pubs –  despite it’s size and amount of people, London can be a small world sometimes (and it typifies how much time I’ve spent in pubs down the years).


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  1. Done!
    Can’t wait to get my wristband.

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  3. Oh. And good post. You are a sweet guy. I like you.

    • Have you ordered your wristbands yet? I’d like to see what you would do, I had to reign myself in as I thought up some funny sceaniros for it in some of London’s less famous sites, but it wouldn;t have been for the eyes of a youngster

  4. Nice idea for a brave little girl!

  5. Egad – I didn’t realize there was a site for the pics.
    I’m the NY set.

    Well done Joe!

    • Hey, cool! I’ll do some more when I go away for New Year, though that won’t be anywhere people know – I’ve not even heard of the place

  6. Tom Elias

     /  December 19, 2012

    Joe, thanks for this post. Every bit of help counts!

    • It’s a pleasure, I’m New Yearing in some part of the UK I have never heard of, I’ll take more pics.

      • Tom Elias

         /  December 19, 2012

        Too kind of you. And you give new meaning to the term, “thumbnail” pictures… bravo!

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