Not Quite Friday Foolishness – Birthday Tribute Edition

Music: Bob Log III, Boob Scotch

Hang up your phone to your copyright lawyer, I’m not plagiarizing a fellow blogger, this is all in honour of one.  If you hadn’t guessed yet, this post is in the style of  Guapola who celebrates his birthday today.

Please raise a glass of boob scotch (I’m having dick vodka, you can pick your own appendage and beverage combo to toast with) to our friend in blogging, El Guapo,  Happy Birthday Mister.

What happened on the blogosphere this week:

Well, a lot of people wrote about Mr G on his birthday

What roused (not aroused) my attention this week was that Germany are planning to ban bestiality or zoophilia, whichever term you prefer to acknowledge man/animal love by.

There was me thinking it was already illegal everywhere, and it’s incredible to read that it was not only illegal at some point but made legal as recently as 1969, well, the summer of love was looming I guess.

I’ll leave you to debate the rights and wrongs of it and if the animal is consenting or not, the hot topic on most of our minds is really….

Poll: What do you get a man and his animal for their wedding present

It’s a pleasure to have met your acquaintance on here Guap, hope you have a fantastic birthday!

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  1. Boob Scotch? I am humbled by your stellar choice of music. El Guapo should be pleased.

    • I saw him at the now defunct Metro club in London, one of a few venues shut down to build a train extension, a girl got up and did the boob scotch with him too, and I thought we English were reserved 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Guapo! The boob scotch and goat husbands I’m not sure about yet.

  3. Awesome post! Boob scotch…hmmm….HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GUAPMAN!!

  4. Le Clown

     /  December 6, 2012

    I used to have a trademarked comment, one that I retired a few months back, but for the occasion, I’m bringing out again. So here it goes:
    Clever™, my friend. Clever™.
    Le Clown

  5. Happy Birthday Guapo … and enjoy your Boob Scotch!

  6. First, happy birthday to Mr. Guapola
    And second, how come I’ve never seen that gem of video, thanks!

  7. Happy happy birthday to you, Guapo!

  8. Actually, bestiality covers female-animal interactions as well. Which if you think about it (not that you’d really want to), could make the laws even more tricky — one could argue that a man “interacting” with an animal means the animal can’t possibly give consent. But if it’s the animal humping a woman… can we assume they’re into it?

    Why do I have these thoughts? I need more sleep. And a brain enema.

  9. I have not heard Boob Scotch in sooooooooo long. ROFL @Ruby! Great post, Joe.

    Happy birthday Guapo on the rocks 😉

  10. I feel left out that I wasn’t following him until just now. Good post.

  11. Haha Joe! I’m impressed with your Gaupoistically inspired blogging style! I love the idea of His and Her feedbags! I’m officially volunteering my embroidery skills! 😀

  12. LOVE!!! (I am getting a little sleepy from all of this blog hopping today!!) Thanks for joining in!!

    • It was great fan, spent all morning off work reading everyones posts, I was off work anyway, but I like to make it sound like I took a day off for blogging business.

  13. I think this one might be my favorite of all the Guap birthday posts, Joe.

  14. My Other answer is You get them the bridle suite at the hotel, of course!

    Thanks for this Joe, and for fulfilling my dream of being mentioned someplace in the same space as zoophilia!

    • A pleasure, hope you had a great day.

      And great answer – I wouldn’t want to be in the room next door though

      Pleased I helped achieve a dream, was that listed under bungee of your things to do this year

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