Guess the blogger picture quiz – The Results

You’ll need to go back one post to see the original pictures as I can’t be bothered copying them, don’t sprain your mouse finger doing that as I won’t be held responsible.

1) Everyone thought the monkey in a cup of coffee froth was Pouring My Art Out, even he thought that himself.   You were wrong, that is She’s A Maineiac.   If you read her blog (and you should) then you will know of her coffee addiction and I’ve read about a monkey called Mr Skittles, I’ve no idea what that refers to but she would have got it I reckon.

2) The sausage was indeed a Cumberland and refers to Dotty Headbanger.  She’s been quiet lately, I hope she returns soon.

3) The glasses reminded me of The Good Greatsby but his latest photos show him without glasses, so this is very misleading.  I apologise

4) Now this one is Pouring My Art Out, he has written a novel involving aliens and this alien is in tie-dye.  Do you get it now?

5) Mooselicker, obvious but I found no photos of people licking a moose which was odd, don’t you do this?  We do it to cows.

6) Gingersnap is correct, we call them ginger nuts in the UK

7) This is Ruby, she has a fetish for Disney Pins, and these are ruby coloured.

8) Last but not least it is of course Madame Weebles.  It’s a ghost weeble and we exchanged ghost stories in some past posts.

You can see my thought process with them anyway.

Coming up:  Guess the blogger from the contents of their trash.  After spending thousands of pounds on flights across the world and rifling through their waste, can you tie up each blogger to their used Q-Tips?

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  1. Ginger nuts is more appropriate, I think!!
    Loved this- I may rip off your idea!

  2. Le Clown

     /  November 28, 2012

    Dear friend,
    This idea, albeit being quite clever, makes me miss the great Dame Dotty. Sigh.
    Le Clown

  3. Crap! I only knew 3 of these… I liked trying to guess even if I suck! Ugh…

  4. I was going to write cotton buds instead of Q tips, but I like translating to my friends across the Atlantic. Cotton buds is a nicer word though – we win.

  5. You’re going to want to wear a hazmat suit when you rifle through my trash.
    Consider yourself warned.

  6. 1 out of 8, less than brilliant.

  7. I guessed the obvious ones like mooselicker, Ruby and weebles, and for a second I thought the monkey coffee was me, but then I didn’t want to get it wrong. (Mr. Skittles is long gone now, he used to be my partner in crime, I am really sucking at Greatsby’s captions contests now….)

    • GG’s posts never appear in my reader, I have to keep unfollowing and following and forgetting the contests, truth be told I’ve been sucking at them all eyar and can never think of one, everyones are too good

  8. For the next round everyone please keep in mind I clean out my dog’s ears and he has black stuff on the Q-Tips. This might be a dead give away as to which trash is mine.

  9. Oh… duh… aliens… tie dye… how could I not get that…? I don’t know me at all… sigh.

  10. I wonder what kind of pic you would use for my blog name? I only got one right, but I enjoyed the game! Let’s do this again sometime!

  11. Mine would have been easy. Hmmm, what could you have done for benzeknees?

  12. Hey there — I was looking for a way to contact you, and I came up blank. So I’m writing here. I was actually looking for some travel advice. Would you mind e-mailing me? Thanks! And if anyone else wants to e-mail me, I’m bored and lonely.


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