Guess the blogger picture quiz

I got bored working so I created a quiz in a couple of minutes instead.

Guess the blogger from these not so subtle picture clues, most are pretty obvious – did I mention it only took a couple of minutes.

Most are literal from their names others are nods to them based on some of their blog content.Β  If you’re not here then your name is too complicated to translate on google images, be too obvious or I had to stop as my boss walked past.

The first to guess all correctly wins….a fleeting sense of gratification.

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  1. OHMYGAWD- are those GingerSnaap cookies??

    I got MooseLicker and is the last pic a Weeble??

  2. Man, I suck at these.

  3. I want to say the first one is me… because it is art you can pour.
    The sausage reminds me of Dotty Headbanger… I used that image and photoshopped it for her blog.
    Mooselicker and Gingersnaap seem obvious…
    Glasses and an alien head seem a little vauge, or I just don’t know the bloggers?
    And the last two I have no idea.

  4. Is MissFourEyes one of them?
    Madame Weebles?
    And that’s as far as I can go.

  5. Well, I’m pretty sure about a few: the sausage one has to be Dotty, unless there’s someone else who loves Cumberland sausages as much as she does. Mooselicker is a good one, that was a nice clear clue. And the GingerSnaaps. I’m going to agree with PMAO about the first one because it makes sense and he would know best. The Mickey Mouse jewelry I’m going to guess is Ruby. The alien one stumps me, as does the one with the glasses. And I think I know the last one. πŸ˜€

  6. I’m with Guap on this…I suck at these…just tell me…

  7. Sorry, no time to guess — after looking at #1, I feel compelled to get some coffee.

  8. Is that what you’re getting me for Christmas?! I love it!! Thanks!! As for you… you don’t already own a Shake Weight, do you?

  9. Where the fuck am I?

    Kidding. This picture is going somewhere on my blog.

    Is there a blogger named Monkey Soup I don’t know about? I’d guess that’s either PMAO or the tye-dye alien is him. Madame Weebles is the last one. GingerSnap is easy.

    You’d be easy to do. I’d post a picture from 28 Days Later.

  10. The gay alien had better not be me πŸ˜›

  11. Please pay a visit to the secret blog. I am not pestering you, but there are a few great stories, and it is too much work to do if nobody sees it… thanks and love… also, you can learn a self defence move that could save your life. And hear one of the best fight stories ever.

  12. I’m too stupid to get these. I got Ginger Snap only! Please hurry with the answers. Great post! You should do this again.

  13. This might be why I found public school so. darn. hard. I got Madame Weebles πŸ™‚

  14. Joe I’m pleased to say I got three of them and that is after looking at the answers – damn this homebrew is good stuff!

  15. Joe, my heart has sunk (sunken?) that I missed this post and therefore my chance at a fleeting sense of gratification. I hate when that happens. I’ll try not to be bitter, however. (Even though I am.)


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