Movember – The Mustacium of Tartarus

We’re coming towards the final push for Movember

Not this kind of push:

Not even this kind of push, though she’s hardly straining herself

This is the final push to raise funds for Movember, donate at the American or Canadian blogging teams (we’ll do a British one next year, we’ve let them be ever so unruly since we left them to their own devices)

For my latest Movember piece I promised to release a clip from my soon to be Oscar nominated movie, The Mustacium of Tartarus.

You may recall my previous movie, Odyssey of a Keratinized Filamentous Growth, about my single overgrown forehead hair and the star of that applauded movie was cast as a mustache hair in this latest epic, but due to contractual agreements (he was starring in a romantic comedy opposite Jennifer Aniston’s pubic hair) the role was given to his understudy, and it’s safe to say the understudy did a far better job and is fully deserving of the accolades about to come its way.

The star of this scene belongs to Jimi from Rev 78, and is one of the finest performances I’ve seen from a mustache hair, it’s truly breathtaking.  And fine mustache upholstery handiwork from the fingers of Miss B Upholstery.

I hope you’ll be as moved as I was.

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  1. I would not want to spend that amount of time playing with someone’s mustache – it seemed strangely disturbing. I assume she was using something to train the mustache into the “winged” shape?

  2. This is you at your most wonderfully weird.

  3. I love that delivery room photo. What is the guy wearing? Is he a monk? And the woman looks like someone just reminded her that she’s pregnant, and she’s looking down to check.

    • I usually pride myself on spotting the details but I missed this. Brilliant spot!

      I’m beginning to wonder if this is a set up photo, that nurse with the slight grin, I’m not buying it.

  4. you my dear………….are a nut and I love it.


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