Anti Bullying Week 2012

I confess to bullying once – one occasion, in one R.E. lesson, I joined in with a few people. I was very sorry but I did get bored with it quickly and went back to drawing funny speech bubbles on the biblical characters in the textbook instead.

I later hung out with them instead, I recall another friend saying at the time that I will not be accepted if I hang out with certain people and expelled from the group. Their loss – I was the only one who looked old enough to get served alcohol in the off licence. Me and the outcasts had a great time drinking Mad Dog 20/20 at the youth club


This week has been designated Anti-Bullying Week 2012 in the UK.

I have received many emails from youngsters who are being bullied for being blessed with Red Hair.

So, to try and find a way to help, Gingerfightback has created a page devoted to helping you tackle bullying.

You will find the page by clicking on this – “Being Bullied?” 

You will find ways to advice on how to deal wiht bullying, websites stuffed with good advice and free, confidential phone numbers to talk to people who can help.

This information relates to the United Kingdom, but if anyone else wants to provide advice lines and websites for their own country, get in touch and I will be happy to include it.

As bullying can play such a destructive role in so many lives I would ask you to reblog, share and publicise this post as far and wide so that we can help as many youngsters as possible.

Many Thanks From Gingerfightback!

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