A month for giving

Been a bit lax on the blogging front but have been following and commenting on yours and have been trying to complete some Movember posts

I rushed and completed 3 posts before Movember kicked off so I peaked too early, you can find them over on the right hand side bar.

Yet to come is an episode of Downton Shabby and the short film – The Mustacium of Tartarus.

It’s fun seeing people on the train who have started their mustaches, I did mean to aswell but I had to shave for the dentist, I thought it would be rude to go in all stubbly as it may hinder their enjoyment of inflicting pain on me if their gloved hands got a chafing.

Of course the aim is to raise awareness for mens health specifically prostrate and testicular cancer, which I have overlooked so far, whoops, so here we go rectifying that.   I lost a friend some 16 years ago to testicular cancer, he was 24.  So it’s great the Movember movement is increasing in popularity each year to continue to raise awareness.

Now I just feel bad for shaving, how about I volunteer to carry out testicular checks.  Form an orderley queue please.

Regarding what we can do for the event head over to the blog by the star of a recent dream I had:  A Clown on Fire

Of course you are all free to drop by during my nighttime visions aswell.


Alongside this there is another cause I am supporting titled Libstrong, and its accompanying project Wrists around the world

Some of you will already be aware as it was brought to my attention through HE ELLIS, and by writing your fucked up fairy tales for the cause.

You need to purchase some wristbands and photograph your wrist with its adornment besides some places where you live.

My package of wristbands from the States recently arrived and I felt like Frank Doel in 84 Charing Cross Road, next time though I expect some hosiery and canned ham delivered.

I am spending next weekend darting about London to do my bit for the project so you are going to become as familiar with my wrist as I am every morning.


That’s all for now.

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  1. You too had a dream with Le Clown on it? Wow!

    • Yeah! I mentioned it on his blog sometime this week. I may not have revealed the full synopsis though. It’s very hazy…

      • My dream sorta inspired a series of posts, wasn’t sordid but a bit weird.

        • I wish I could remember them, something in his post triggered the memory but I rarely remember them, such a shame.

          I’ll have to check your posts out.

          • I’ve already publish the first 2, because it was a chain of events, the dream was what ignited the whole crazy post. It’s about me being a Pulitzer winner and Le Clown editing my winning article.

            • I’ll check it out over the weekend, I think he just beat me up in my dream, he took offence to a request in a bar which was the setting.

              I’ve had dreams of being chased by tormentors, zombies and that, but I’ve always evaded them by flying or running faster, this was fairly straight forward, he just beat me up, no escape. I dread to think what that means.

  2. You are going to make a little girl very happy!

  3. You’re dreaming about Le Clown now, Joe? I’m so sorry.

  4. You will be like the old Battling Tops advert Joe – “It’s all in the wrist action!”

  5. Facial hair doesn’t raise awareness if you’re already aware and doing something about it anyway. Remember to grab those nads and tickle that prostate…for health reasons.

  6. I have been sick for a week and can barely catch up with reading people’s posts. I am falling behind everywhere.


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