As we approach the annual soup strainer growing marathon in aid of Prostate cancer, thus gives the chance for the blogging community to become involved.   And puppeteered by the weaver that is Le Clown we can all do our bit to promote and support the cause.  So drop in over there for more information and links to the Facebook page to see how you can participate.

Back here at Londonsurvival there is a series of mustachioed related revelry planned:

  • Food Network’s Ina Garten dons a lip rug on a night out with her boys.
  • Over on the set of Downton Abbey, Sally, fresh from her acquisition of the folding elephant ornament that is also a fruit basket will be coveting a plastic mustache from a christmas cracker and her pursuit of this ends up with typically murderous consequences.
  • In occasional feature “At Home With…” mustaches will feature highly, both admired and proudly displayed
  • The star of Oscar nominated short “Odyssey of a Keratinized Filamentous Growth”  will be taking up the role of a mustache hair in ensemble piece “The Mustacium of Tartarus”
  • And I’ll be inviting you to pull up a seat around the fireplace as I recall tales of my own brief encounters with mustaches past in my Memoirs

Some of my favourite bloggers already have devious plans in the pipeline for their Movember posts, and I hope more of you will also sign up for the fun.

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  1. When I did all those Photoshop posts about mustaches, maybe I should have got it patented or copyrighted or something. Funny post.

    • Reblog them for movember! You have a tache, how can we work you into a feature…let me think

      • pouringmyartout

         /  October 10, 2012

        Feel free to reblog any or all of my funny mustache posts. Now why is my reader not letting me see any of the topics???

  2. I’m going to have to learn more about the mustaches and Movember. I do love a good mustache.

  3. It really is unfortunate that I don’t care for mustaches on guys. Beards, goatees, soul patches, no problem. But mustache-only is just not a look I like. So you have a point about the whole Hot Mustached Guy contest, Joe. I’ll have to think of something else.

    • joehoover

       /  October 11, 2012

      No, no, do it! It’ll be great.

      Let’s start…Obvious ones, Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, Zorro, Lord Lucan, John Wilkes Booth, they guy in My Name is Earl

      Some people often sport them, Jude Law, James Franco,

  4. I grew a Movember Mo last year and then had to travel to Paris towards the end of the month. A small Latino with a dodgy moustache is not the best look when trying to navigate through airport security.

    • joehoover

       /  October 11, 2012

      The Parisian’s love a tache no? I’m thinking old sterotypes, strings of onions etc

  5. I always wear a mustache.
    Because I’m dedicated.
    And it goes with my full beard.
    Because I’m lazy.


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