Home(less) Where The Heart Is – A new sitcom by Joe Hoover

Introducing a brand new sitcom I am writing called Home(less) Where The Heart Is.

I am pitching my idea for the family market, possibly an 8pm evening slot after Eastenders or Saturday tea time sandwiched between Total Wipeout and Strictly Come Dancing.

Home(less) Where The Heart Is, takes a look into the lives of couple Harold and Brenda, two tramps living in a British seaside town.ย  There is no end of humourous malarkey as they argue over the last can of Special Brew or come up with ever ingenious ways to wrangle extra disability benefits.

Meet the cast of characters:

Our protagonists, Harold and Brenda:

Convenience store owner Mr Pickles, forever exasperated by Harold and Brenda vomiting in his doorway and shoplifting Jeyes disinfectant to drink.

Benefits Office jobsworth, Mercedes.

Mickey and Trevor, Harold and Brenda’s lovable hobo cohorts.

Hard nosed Traffic Warden, Bernard Harcourt

Harold’s ex-wife, Sweary Mildred

In the upcoming pilot episode, Harold and Brenda try to convince Mercedes to increase their benefits by maiming themselves – with hilarious consequences.ย  Mickey and Trevor try to build an extension onto their cardboard house – with hilarious consequences.ย  And Traffic Warden Bernard Harcourt tries to pluck up the courage to ask out the delectable Mercedes on a date – with hilarious consequences.

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  1. I’d watch the hell outta this show.

  2. Can we get it in the States?

    • I’ll see if BBC America will take up an option. The mroe I think about it, they more I could actually write it, once started as a parody cold be quite amusing. I’ll see how far I get with it before I get bored

  3. You know this would really work, right? As a comedy or a reality show. Awesome.

  4. Not your usual over the top beautiful actors in your sitcom. I think I would have trouble watching too long a time with some of those toothless wonders.

    • You’ve not seen enough british sitcoms, we pale in beuty compared to our counterparts across the pond. Or maybe that’s just British people in general ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I find I notice teeth in British shows/movies. Since you don’t have fluoride in your water like we do, actor’s teeth always look less than perfect which somehow makes the people seem more real. But some of your character’s teeth are TOO REAL!

  5. Good to see Graham Norton and French Santa given the opportunity to show off their acting chops as the sexy young protagonist couple. I will be tuning in just for the talent of those two.

  6. Throw in a Canadian Mountie visiting from Saskatchewan standing for social justice and good hygiene and I’ll watch….even if you can’t spell Saskatchewan, I’d still watch.

  7. I don’t know how this would play in America because all our sitcom stars have to be ridiculously good looking.

  8. I love love love that you gave Harold an ex wife!! That cracked me up. I’d so watch this! Get on the BBC America thing lol!

  9. The maiming plotline has got legs Joe – better than Doctor Who by a country mile.

    • Funny you mentioned legs as my inspiration was Pat and Billy, a homeless couple from Eastbourne where I gre up, she pushed him in front of a train whoch he lost his legs so they could get some benefits, they stayed together afterwards. Nice couple.

      • I shouldn’t laugh but….fuck me!
        That is just the sort of creative thinking that will get the country out of its current predicament Joe. I can see those nice ATOS people working out a DLA eligibility test for them now. Mind The Gap!

        • They were really in love, they used to sit outside the pub window snogging with their faces smeared against the glass. I honestly used to talk to them, shows how off my head I was at the time.

  10. OMG! I love this show. Especially Sweary Mildred! I hope there’s going to be a board game!!

  11. Can’t wait until the politicos clamor for guest spot opportunities!

  12. If “Heil Honey, I’m Home” can make it on the air anything can. Look it up, it’s a show sitcom about Hitler.

    Make sure you handwrite the script. Executives like it better because it looks ilke you worked harder.

    • How have I never heard of that show! Just wikipedia’d it. There’s one on now called Citizen Khan about a muslim family, it’s controversial only in that it’s so poorly written, and feels as if it’s written 35 years ago. I may aswell try to write this one – at least until I get bored and my mind wanders off onto something else.

  1. Home(less) Where The Heart Is USA | londonsurvival

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