I’m just letting you know I’m alive, well barely after my weekend in Luxembourg ruined me.

I’ve been lax on posting being so busy and am just as busy to come so will be sporadic and I want to catch up on your posts that I’ve missed rather than worry about what’s happening on my blog.

Which brings me to the shock I made upon reading some last night and a few of you were taking breaks from blogging.  You know who you are and I hope you don’t stay away too long, life gets in the way occasionally as I am witnessing, but in fact you all have far more important things to do, my break is purely to recover from weekends of drinking, my mind is just too frazzled to write anything.   I’ll be here when you get back to blogging so come drop by when you have time.

Here’s my weekend in full:

Friday:  Pissed

Saturday:  In pain, but get pissed anyway

Sunday: Really pissed

Monday:  In pain and only manage a few drinks

But I did see quite a bit of Luxembourg between swigs of beer and it is quite beautiful.

The effects came to a head last night when extreme tiredness ensued which resulted in me forgetting my cat was outside when I went for a cigarette, I was alerted to it at 6.30am this morning when she was meowing and scratching outside the back door.   Sorry Lily.

Will be back up to speed in a few weeks in the meantime I’ll see you in the comments on your blogs.












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  1. Good to see you Joe, and look forward to seeing you again after your break.

  2. You’ve been on a break? I wouldn’t know it ’cause I’ve been really slack posting, too.

    My weekend was similar to yours… my son came into town with his new girlfriend, he’s not drinking any more (except for two wines at a restaurant), I was driving everyone all over so I didn’t have any drinks for four days, he smoked one or two of my Players a day while I smoked like a maniac, and then he left last night. Talk to you later… I’m going downstairs to have a drink.

    • Good man! And you may be the only other smoker I met on here. Glad there are a few of us left

      • You’re a brave man for coming out of the (smoking) closet. I’ve mentioned it here on WP and was surprised by some of the comments I got.

        I live near Niagara Falls, Canada and now in this province you cannot smoke under a roof, even an awning, unless you own it and it is on private non-commercial property. And the city of Niagara Falls has proposed legislation forbidding smoking in parks.

        If you ever plan on visiting your North American Commonwealth friends here in Niagara, let me know and I’ll tutor you in all things tobacco-related. I’d love to sample a few English smokes (which brand has a little seal on them that says “By appointment to Her Majesty the Queen” like my Worcester sauce has)… Eddie and Spudgun looked like they were really enjoying their smokes in the Hallowe’en episode of Bottom I watched this morning.

        • How weird, I was watching Bottom on TV last night!

          I was just crossing that part of the world off my list when you write the smoking problems, in Luxembourg where I was it is still allowed in bars. I felt bad though (but still continued), I don’t mind going outside but where can you smoke? You’d have to float in midair to get away with it.

          • Because I quit at Christmastime I haven’t been keeping up with the restrictions on smoking, but hearing about the restrictions in Ontario I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s quite restrictive in Alberta too. If you want a great smoking vacay go to Cuba – you can smoke anywhere!

  3. The blog world is coming unglued…

    • I’ll be back and reading others in the meantime just no time to finish some posts I started. It’s really annoying.

  4. Things seem to be very quiet around the blogging world lately. I like the slower pace. Hope you’ve recovered fully from the weekend.

    • I have now received but have a stage do for 4 days coming this weekend so it isn’t stopping for long. I’m too old for this.

      It is odd everyone seems to be having breaks at the same time, maybe it’s normal and the blogging elders can confirm this.

      I actually have about 8 half finished posts but don;t have the time to complete them, my blogging time was at work but we bought a new company and now I have to do the actual work. So I need to restructure my free time which I have none of because people are selfishly getting married.

  5. Our busy season at work is coming to an end. I actually wrote a post the other day. I still keep up with everyone too but I don’t remember if all this partying of yours is birthday related or just binge drinking. ? Lily needs a treat and a date night with you.

    • I missed your post, will head over, must have been when I was jetting across Europe!

      I went to visit my friends in Luxembourg and this weekend is a stag do.

      Lily has since been spoiled 🙂

  6. As I am working on getting caught up after a hiatus of my own, I noticed your comments & posts were pretty sparse. Glad to hear you were having a good time instead of something more serious being the cause.

    • It’s been slowing down a couple of months since I got busy at work. I just need to finish the posts I’ve started then will look like I’ve been busy

  7. Poor kitty! I’m glad you didn’t accidentally leave the cigarette outside and smoke the cat.


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