London Style – The Fashion ‘must-have’ of the season

When once it would only be the haunt of lycra clad posers aiming to get from A to B in quick time, now the trend has caught on amongst London’s fashionista crowd, who, being concerned with the act of speeding along the road possibly ruining their hair, have instead taken to bicycle accessorizing instead of actually riding them.

People reading books on the train were replaced by people on Ipad’s and in turn that fad has been superseded by people carrying their bikes on their commute as the ultimate in fashion statements, often taking the space where four people could have stood.

I hit the streets to report on this growing movement to keep you, the reader, abreast of current trends.

I met Mike Saunders at Tottenham Hale station, seen here sporting this seasons en-vogue over the shoulder model.

JH:  Mike, tell me about your shoulder style bicycle.

MS: I’m pleased as punch with it, not only is it cutting edge and I really feel like I stand out from the crowd, it also has this handy holder for a water bottle and the bell is dead handy for forcing people out of my way on the escalator.

Later, on board the 14.25 to Stratford, I introduced myself to Natasha Gavrikov who was showing off this skimpy blue number

JH: What does your bicycle accessorizing say about you Natasha?

NG: I look for husband.  You want be husband?

Whilst power walking in a meadow I met Melanie Pope, pictured here:

JH: Hi Melanie, tell me about you and your bike styling

MP: It really does go with any outfit…. although…do you think it makes my bum look big?

The city set have also caught on with some hi-tech models.   Here I met Gavin Knowles who has his bike specially tailored in Saville Row.

Whilst cycling in the park I met ‘Shaz’ . She’d left her Ipod at home so it was just aswell she had her bike to keep her occupied on her walk, she was playing a version of Smells Like Teen Spirit on its bell.

It’s true what they say about the width of your tyres, when I was interviewing Darren Sykes, this lady was all over him like a rash when he passed by with his Schwalbe 26×2.25 triple compound tyres on full display.

Unfortunately like most fashion trends, bicycle accessorizing is not for everyone, I mean, colour coordinating…hellooo0.

Later when passing through South Acton, I found last season’s model cruelly discarded.  Fashion it seems. waits for no-one.

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  1. That’s all well and good until hipsters try and co-opt it.
    Probably with unicycles.

    • Predictably my bike is bland and ordinary, and too heavy to swing over my shoulder. There must be a makeover show for people like me with plain practical bikes

  2. It’s times like this when I really wish Princess Diana were still around to set the style. You just know she’d have a kickin’ bike.

  3. I’ve always thought exercise was more about the fashion statement than anything else. My elliptical still makes my ass look gigantic.

  4. I have no fashion sense. But I hear it is like learning to ride a bike…

  5. I’ll be Natasha’s husband! We can ride a tandem bike and visit the old country.

  6. Natasha’s shoes are ridiculous. Red six-inch stilettos with that bike? She should be wearing blue six-inch stilettos.

    • But I thought colour co-ordination was last season?

      In that case I’m buying a Hello Kitty tricycle with tassles on the handlebars and dressing likewise.

  7. Haha! Hilarious stuff. I wonder how long it will be until a cheaper off the rack place starts selling hipster clothing with a fake bicycle already attached as part of the outfit?

  8. Funny. As Hidi Klum would say, “As every one knows, one day it’s in the next day it’s out.”

  9. I hear that you can now get one of these ‘bikes’ that caters for two people, which is the fashion equivalent of two skinny folks in a fat person’s jumper.

  10. Superb. I’m waiting for the fashion trend of being able to run over “fashion trends” with ones car.

  11. I prefer to wear my bike accessory piggy back.

  12. I never knew it could be such a versatile accessory. You’ve just give me my look for fall.

  13. You should write Joe.

  14. I take it Natasha is too Cosmpolitan for the standard “Mail Order Bride Dry Humping a Tree” pose.

    • I recall the pose from your post. There is something in the way she is leaning on the tube seating though


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