From the mouths of babes…

Isn’t it great when you sister calls you and you can barely make her out for the sound of screaming kids in the background and then she switches off to scold them or bark orders at someone else and the line is crackling so bad you have to hold the phone away from your ear but eventually you receive some fantastic news.

The great news was that she retrieved some work I did at school which I wrote about here

She found my puberty advice guide I submitted for homework at school about 23 years ago.   She was reciting to me the notes the teacher wrote on there about how disgusting it was, this caused me to complain to the department head as someone else submitted work with drawings of penises with tippex cum spurting out of them and received a B grade, all I asked for is consistency, at least kids were going through puberty, on the other hand, how many 13-year-old girls had seen 10 different types of penis?
(It’s not like I’m bitter about it or anything)

It’s in the post to me and I can’t wait to scan it and put it up here.  Since leaving school and starting this blog I haven’t written anything really so it would be fascinating to see if my voice has changed in 23 years or if I can still recognise myself in those ramblings,  though I imagine it will probably just be embarrassing and cringeworthy.

My brother bumped into an old school friend and they recalled me saying “He was quiet but whenever he did speak it was always sarcastic”   You’d think after 20 years since leaving school someone would have organised a reunion at some point, I’d like to prove those wastrels who made nothing of their lives wrong.

When I do go home (usually for a funeral) I look back at my old artwork too, I was pretty good at the time, just still life etc, but whenever I have dared pick up a pencil since nothing comes out.

Being the talented people you are, have you kept up interests; writing, drawing or playing music your whole lives, or is it something you have stumbled upon as you are older?   Do you look back at your earlier work, does it reflect if you have changed?  What did you give up that you loved, what new interests have you found as you have aged?  Spill your guts here…

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  1. I feel like I’ve lost it all. And that makes me feel like a loser. Thanks for bringing it up! I used to be one of those obnoxious kids who did everything, and was the best at everything they did. Head of this club, award winner in that, starting varsity here, lead of that. Well let me tell you: I can’t play the flute anymore; not only have I not acted in over a decade, but I probably couldn’t memorize more than five lines at a time now; I haven’t drawn anything in over a decade; I haven’t used a camera that wasn’t also a phone in over a decade; and while I used to be a junior-Olympic softball player, when I decided to join a coed softball league last spring, I found that I couldn’t throw or catch a ball anymore to save my life.

    I suck now.

    But I do have a sarcastic blog, so… yeah.

    • So sorry, but I laughed at your reply, look at this way, people like you now, no one likes the kid who’s great at everything. 🙂

      We have to revel in the small things now. I thought about that an hour ago as I was dragged into our warehosue to help pack deliveries (I know, my poor office-trained hands) and I counted out some goods and the rest of the bag I tied up and threw it from a distance and it landed in the right place on the shelf. I was well chuffed with that.

      Or when you cook something so bloody delicious that it makes you want to orgasm, that’s another one.

      And another thing, whoever said sarcasm is the lowest form of wit? They just can’t carry it off properly, it’s a skill.

      • Thanks. I feel slightly better. I mean, I don’t like myself any better, but I FEEL slightly better, so there’s that 🙂

  2. I’ve spouted shitey nonsense all my life. Sadly.

  3. I wish I had saved my old stuff. Sadly, I wasn’t that smart. I don’t exactly remember what my writing voice was like back in the day, but I suspect it was different then, before I learned to embrace my inner snark.

    • We are better older, young people are inherently stupid. I know I was and all of them now are. I wonder if my parents think they are even better, does someone wanna,ask them, I’ll leave their number, already spoke to them this year.

  4. Ummm… I still have most of my writing from college. According to my husband, my voice is exactly the same. Who wants growth or change when one could have complete stagnation? Awesome.

  5. I saved most of my dumb mystery stories from when I was around 10. I had a whole series starring my best friend and we’d solve crimes. I’ll have to dig them out to see how hilarious they are now! I used to write all the time back then. Then I stopped writing after I finished college. Once I had kids, I was lucky to have time to eat. I didn’t write for almost 15 years until I started up my blog on a whim. Now I write constantly and my head feels like it’s going to explode.

    I also play piano but sadly, don’t practice nearly as much as I used to. I think maybe once my kids are in college, I’ll take it up again.

    • You should so dig out those old stories, I love a good mystery, I used to read the Hictchcock mysteries, Teh Three Investigators (I was never a Hardy Boy)

      Did my blog lose you again? Noticed you resubscribed. Pesky WordPress

  6. I was supposed to be singing on a Broadway stage or at the least….a music teacher (I know, big contrast there). What do I do now? I’m a travel agent with 2 middle school kids living in North Texas suburbia without a college degree and not enough money to finish the one I started. Do I still sing and play piano? Sure I do, it only took me 12 years to have a piano in my house again and the only singing I do is in the car. Do I regret not following my passions? Yes and no. I had kids at an early age so things have forever been put on hold. I’d never trade my life with them for anything but maybe someday I can get that music degree and do what I used to live for. Even if I’m 80 by then, I’d be happy.

    • Thanks for stopping by. No kids but spent too many years where my hobby woudl constitue going to the pub, in my defence I was awfully good at it, that’s what comes of continual practice!

      It all comes down to time mainly so I can understand so many mothers on blogs I read who started up writing again later

  7. I never wrote much before, but I love it now. I feel link it’s saved me in many ways. There is something about being alone with your thoughts that can drive a person to madness. I used to draw and do many other art projects, but nothing has been quite as wonderful as writing is now. When you have all the time in the world, and no responsibilities (like when you are young) creative things don’t seem as valuable.

    • Good points, I was very creative at school age, but it vanished when I discovered cigarettes and alcohol. It was only recently when I couldn’t consume as much did I rediscover that. But I also compare myself to friends who are artists and musicians who focused on the creative aspect throughout their twenties, they were a lot more disciplined than me I guess.


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