Olympic Sponsorship Debacle

Granted, I’ve not paid too much heed to the Olympics happening on my doorstep, I don’t get the tube, I’ll have plenty of other things to watch on TV and unless they plan on performing the pole vault over my house I probably won’t notice it’s on.

The widely reported sponsors have caught my eye though, who better to support an active healthy athletic lifestyle than some of the multi-nationals most at cause for obesity on this planet.   You’ll recognise the brands, they’ve been lasered onto our brains from an early age, not only that but they prevent any other brands being sold at the venues, and organisers have now drafted in the military to perform intrusive strip searches to stop anyone bringing in their own food or that of a rival.  (We’ve released hundreds of murderers and rapists from our prison system to make room for you snack smugglers)

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

They mean it…

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  1. There is an enormous MacDonalds poking out of the Olympic site now. Somehow i think the idea of youth being sporty in a varity of swety outfits has been lost in this corporate bubble speak bollox.

  2. Ha! At least we now know why Ronald always wears gloves.

  3. I hope our corporate overlords don’t take offense at the gentle ribbing you’ve given them.

    HEY RONALD, I’M NOT WITH HIM! Just got lost on my way to a site with a coupon for your delicious fried lard and pseudo-meat burgers…

  4. Roly

     /  July 16, 2012

    LOL Ronald the enforcer 🙂

  5. It’s such great news for all the local English businesses, just like they promised!

    • Are they the businesses that had to close down and move with minimum compensation as they were in the way of the Olympic site?

      Or the ones who are nearby and been told they cannot accept deliveries or make any during the Olympics?

      But as long as Maccas can shift some burgers…


  6. People should boycott McDeez and Coke any way possible. I say everyone should bring a bag lunch from every local shop. They couldn’t very well arrest everyone, and it would be like Woodstock!

    • Lovely idea but I fear days if real rebellion are over, London riots last year were just an excuse to steal Nike trainers and ipads. (i say typing this on my smartphone!)

      • I know. It’s a shame. I’d love to lead the revolution, but I’m afraid it would just turn into a free-for-all debacle over Nikes and big screen TVs.

  7. wierdly awesome and awesomely weird…


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