SJP  is subconsciously listening to the general consensus and trying to strangle herself in neck attire

Ina Garten accessorizes with gay men

You ask this chick  the time and she’s forgotten even though she’s only just checked

The only calls this guy gets are people selling insurance

This lady’s tenancy agreement doesn’t allow her to keep dogs so she takes her bike out for a walk.

I don’t accessorise.

I don’t have a piercing, I don’t wear a watch, I leave my phone at home, and I’ve never been an accessory to murder.

Not yet.

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  1. Interesting trousers that Gay fella has on.

    • I hadn’t noticed that! Snazzy!

      He better be gay or I’m being incredibly libellous, but judging by those trousers it’s a fairly safe bet

  2. Funny, I think of watch and phone as necessities, not accessories.
    Wow, that doesn’t say anything good about me at all…

    • Maybe it’s because no one calls me 😦

      It occurred to me on holiday that no one of us had a watch, they all use their phones for the time. I suppose it stops getting a watch tan line on your arm.

      Why not try a pocket watch? If we are too accessorise I think the Victorians? (or whatever generation) had the right idea. It reminds me when I saw a guy cycle a penny farthing down the canal tow path last year, I bet he doesn’t take his bike on the train. (I realise I never mentioned that in the post but I intended it to moan about people taking bikes on the train instead of actually riding it but I got carried away on another tangent)

      Why don;t you go out tomorrow without your watch and phone and see what happens…report back

      • Sadly, one of the phones (yes, even more sadly, I carry two) is for work. As for the watch and my phone, due to family issues, I can’t really be out of touch at the moment.
        But if the opportunity presents itself in the near future, I will.

  3. There’s still time, Joe. An accessory to murder would make you even MORE appealing, if that’s even possible.

    • Ok, Only an accessory though, I won’t murder anyone. What does that entail though? Just hanignig around til someone is being murdered and then poke them in the ribs for good measure or something?

  4. Dear Joe,

    Being an accessory to murder is no fun – you get half the blame and none of the satisfaction.

    Love Dotty xxx

  5. (insert mandatory SJP horse joke here)

    I think those trousers GFB pointed appear to be barely concealing more than just an alternate lifestyle.

  6. Okay, I admit it, I sort of like the blue lipstick… but other than that, you are correct.

  7. Whoa, didn’t even notice that guy’s pants until I read the above comments. Yowza.
    I haven’t worn a watch in 15 years. I think time is such an unnecessary thing to keep track of at my age it all zips by too fast to even care. “Oh, it’s almost noon? Wasn’t it noon yesterday about 10 seconds ago?” It’s a big blur to me now.


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