Kids say the darndest things

……With your host Bill Cosby


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  1. You are so funny Joe. Can you imagine what Bill Cosby would have done if they said all that on his show?

    • Would he smack them? That would have caused an uproar. I toned this down a lot, it was far ruder but then I thought, people may take umbrage with kids saying disgusting phrases. Actually I should have done, I may have got my first troll. Anyway, I’m too nice to stir up controversy.

      • Yeah, sometimes it sucks being the nice guy, but you probably did the best thing.

        • But I want a troll, just for a day, is there a service called rent-a-troll? Off for a cigarette and to open another bottle of wine and watch the football highlights, there’s a big football (soccer) tournament in Europe now. Liking sports usually throws other gay people – they probably think I am looking at their legs

  2. My kids say worse stuff than that!

  3. Bitch Tits!! Why are your posts not appearing in my reader anymore?! What a load of Piss Nuts technology can be sometimes.

  4. I can’t believe you would have such awful things come out of childrens mouths. You are such a heathen, and I hope the good lord strikes you down in the midst of your unholy fornication rituals, and saves the poor goat you are using for it.
    then I hope he coats your soul in tar and feathers and throws you down into aich-eee-double-hockey-sticks where you can drink the devils kool aid for all eternity.


    • Yay! I’ll just imagine this is from a real troll, thanks for this, but you do make it sound appealing.

  5. But those are pretty funny, Joe!

  6. Yeah! I’m with El Guapo! This is an outrage! My kids would never say bitch tits! They only say much worse things!

  7. Absolutely hysterical! I had to show them to my kid. His favorite was Bitch Tits.

  8. This may be the most incorrect forum to say thanks…..but thanks….let’s keep all of “them” guessing what for…..

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