Cover version contest – Sonic Youth vs The Carpenters

It’s been ages since a cover version contest, I don’t know who won the last one, and can’t be bothered to check.

You always vote for the originals anyway so we’ll go with the winner being the original act singing an original song from whichever was the last caption contest I ran…congratulations whoever you may be.

Actually, curiosity got the better of me and I just checked, it was the cast of Willy Wonka singing “I’ve Got A Golden Ticket”Β  You know..the scene from the movie is when the four grandparents are midway through a pjyame’d orgy when they are disturbed by their grandson running in just as Grandma 1 is working on Grandpa 2 with a strap on like there’s no tomorrow.

Over to this weeks contest, Sonic Youth, who have written a couple of their own tracks about Karen Carpenter versus their muse, Karen Carpenter herself performing as The Carpenters.

Someone told me a joke about Karen Carpenter recently, it was about a fax machine too, thinking about it that was probably the punchline.Β  I did mention on a previous post I am rubbish at telling jokes.

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  1. Ok, I couldn’t even make it all the way through the Carpenters version.

  2. Lord forgive me, but the mere mention of the Carpenters gives me an earworm and and a spastic colon. Such a good song, and that poor girl could actually sing, but the brother always gave me the willies. I’ll have to go with Sonic Youth.

    • This is a turn up, the original always walks it and I thought everyone would hold the carpenters clsoe to their hearts.

      But about time a cover won it. It’s not like Karen’s gonna be put out is it?

  3. Agreeing with everyone else here; there’s something about the Carpenters that makes me twitch.

    • I am so shocked! We love them here, I thought America did aswell. Poor Richard Carpenter, he has to sit and read your hateful comments πŸ™‚

      I was in a belgian restaurant in London, I’d finished with my mussels, and decided they woudl sing Carpenters songs, so we held them like maracas as they opened and closed their shells singing along to our Carpenters renditions. I don’t go to that restaurant anymore, not because of that, that was because we were thrown out another time for allegedly stealing a bottle of wine, we were frisked by the door security on the way out.

      • The answer to the age old question: is that a bottle of wine in your pants, or are you part horse?

        • It was a girl, so I’ve know idea where it was concealed. Her handbag I expect. We didn’t really steal it, just pretended too.

  4. Karen Carpenter had a really smooth voice, but there’s something about it that makes me want to blow my head off.

  5. I got The Carpenters Greatest Hits from 2 sources a couple of Xmas’ ago. It was on the basis that I muttered Dickie C loked a bit ropey after all dem drugs. My sisters, independently decided that as they never know what present to get me, bought me this album. Now, whenever I lose something at home and go rummaging, one of these bloody albums pops up like that odd little fella from Mr Benn. As they sang “Calling occupants of interplanetary craft” WTF? Have a good weekend.

    • Everyone seems terribly scarred from The Carpenters. And to think I was going to follow this up with Babes in Toylands version of “calling occupents..” I think I’ll leave the Carpenters buried in future. Was she buried anyway? Would you get a casket for someone that thin? You could just laminate them and put them in giant filing cabinet, in alphabetical order.

  6. Ahhhh… I can’t watch the videos. They play now, but no sound… stupid magic computey box thingy… Oh, and thanks for the wonderful image of the geriatric orgy… chocolate factory indeed!… I will never be able to watch that movie again… roger, wilco… over and out.

  7. I saw the title and don’t even have to listen. SY, hands down.

  8. I love your cover version contests for your words more than the songs. You are so freaking funny. I just love it. You even tagged it with Granny Sex. You are the best Joe. I hope you are having fun getting drunk. πŸ˜‰

  9. I don’t remember those details from Willy Wonka. You must have seen the director’s cut.

  10. Dear Joe,

    I voted for The Carpenters before I read the comments. I’m the 1 vote they got. Strange. It must be a British thing, like you said. I don’t like the first video – the singer looks like a young Mick Jagger, who I can’t stick – he makes me cringe, so that put me off before I heard him mumbling some of the song (I couldn’t listen to it all).

    Love Dotty xxx

    • I love sonic youth, but the carpenters… I’m surprised America disowned them. What do they know, they dont even have cumberlands…or bricks..probably…

  11. I voted on who did or didn’t have a pretentious gold microphone hence my vote for The Carpenters. This is essentially how I make most of my decisions in life.

  12. have to say the original wins, as it does in most cases … always enjoy a bit of carpenters (yes I know they are Corney but that is okay)

    • we can all spare a little room for some cheesy music in our lives!

      • I know it is so good to just let it wash over you and sway … and hopefully no one sees the cheesy blissful smile on your face

  13. Well, I like the Carpenter’s & they got my vote even if everybody else voted for the pretentious guy in the gold scarf!

  14. Bill

     /  October 1, 2012

    Of course, Carpenters version is also a cover. Leon Russell wrote the song.

    • Well done sir

      I actually didn’t that. It deserves a prize.

      A lifesize origami Karen Carpenter is on its way to you.

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