mine’s a pint, cheers.

Plans to convert part of famous Black Cap pub into flats are rejected by planning chiefs.

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  1. I’m so happy for you!

  2. The fight may not be over, they will be back with revised plans, but we will still fight them. A place to meet and engage with each other are few and far between, we do it online on our blogs, and I would love to cheers with you in real life. Have a drink now, go on, or a fruit juice, whatever, just cheers to people just doing what we do and not letting assholes get in the way.

  3. Gotta love red tape.

  4. Just checking in. 😉 Hope you are having a good weekend.

  5. The revolution lives on! Congrats!

  6. Sorry if you’re already awake. Just saying hi, sweet dreams, licking your windows, etc. Hope you had a good weekend.

    • Still…cause I said that last night you know…

    • I was drunk a lot. I really need a break, I’ve been hitting it too hard lately

      • You know I will support you whether you are drunk or sober. The walls and your real life friends might help support you too, especially when you are stumbling around drunk. 😉

  7. Good news Joe – The Developers will be back though.

  8. I’ll raise a pint in celebration of your victory. Maybe even two pints. Actually I might as well have a third and a fourth since I’m already here.

  9. I think I can encapsulate my reaction in one word: “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!

  10. Hey Joe, I was wondering if you ever wake up and see a comment waiting and hope it’s from someone other than me. I was just thinking that I get on here every night, to talk to you while you are asleep…and half the time when you are awake too. Even if you do not post anything. I might pass you top commentator on your own blog, since I talk so much even when you aren’t here. Anyway, that got me thinking, you might want to hear from some of your other fans first thing in the morning. If you do, just tell me, and I’ll set up a new blog with a new fake name and pretend to be some other stalker. 😉

    • In the meantime though, how many brothers and sisters do you have? I think you mentioned having a brother, but I wasn’t sure about how many, or if you had sisters. Also, how’s Lily doing? Has the crazy woman stolen her anymore?

      On a different note, the girls only party on my blog has about 6 regular commentators, and between us and 3 or 4 more who came by only for a few comments; that post has over 500 comments. Most are a few sentences or paragraphs long. So, I guess I’m not the only one who likes to talk. 😉 we are having the most interesting conversations though…

      • I have one of each older brother, lives back at home with my parents, has 11 yr old daughter who lives with her mum. Younger sister, married with 18 month old girl, she lives just outside London. I’m the middle kid and it shows.

      • Not let lily out properly, I blocked the wall she jumps over as I’m on holiday in s week and will be a nightmare for the cat sitter. Lily had a poo on the rug yesterday! Shall I get a blog sitter while I’m away too?

        • No…the couldn’t handle me. I’ll just pine away waiting for you…

        • Why don’t you let me babysit your blog Joe? Just tell me when you are leaving, and are there any comments you and I have made that would be bad for other people to see? I have an idea…

          • I hope I can find a connection in Spain from a neighbour as my villa has no connection. I can always trot along to a cafe. I’d like to keep abreast of events in the blogosphere

            • You could still check it out…just let me babysit it. I promise it will be a crazy good time. I would be the babysitter who has a party in the house. The only thing I am wondering about is if you care if everyone knows all the wierd stuff I tell you.

              • how would this work? you get my password!? That’s a bigger deal then giving someone my house keys 😀

                • No, just say I can do it, and I will use your commenting space and my blog to make things interesting.

                • My plan is to send people on a kind of a treasure hunt through your blog looking for the posts where I mention licking your windows and stuff like that. You don’t have to do anything, but it will be fun.

    • I have to refresh the site on my phone so never know what’s waiting. How was the chick-fest? I had shit night, friends shouting over each other, then turning on me for speaking to other friends, and for being nice. If not being nice also means shouting over each other and spending my time slagging others off then I’ll stick to being nice, its served me well this far on life.

      • Hell yeah be nice! Everyone seems jealous of you Joe. Why do some of your friends care about you being nice? I know you said somewhere that they had a falling out, but wasn’t that a while ago? They need to let you be nice to and friends with whoever you want. They are just going to push you away if they keep getting shitty when you talk to the other friends.

        • you remembered about it! Yes, that’s it they don’t want me talking to the other, these people are over 40 years old. I have never fallen out with anyone in my life, life’s too short. These people are always falling out with others, I used that as an example to them, one guy he fell out with for 2 years, they now flatshare! See how fickle it is.

          • Yes, and I think that you have been very patient with them. Life is too short to go around being mad at someone. Do you know what their falling out was about?

            • one tried to help another get a job at their place, which he did but the other didn’t get it and blamed them for not being kept informed, blah blah, nasty text messages, they never spoke about it face to face and it got out of hand. It’s really boring, I’m convinced some people need drama in their lives.

              • No way! People need drama? You should introduce them to me. I have plenty to share. 😉

                • not you too! 🙂 you may have real drama, all i hear is “he/she said this, so I said,,” etc etc. yawn.

                  • Poor Joe…we should stir something up. Get them talking about something interesting.

                    • that was a quick reply. I was watching a movie but it’s dull. Stake Land, with Kelly Mcgillis from Top Gun, she’s old now. It’s a vampire movie but really slow, I was in the mood for mindless violence and action. No such joy.

                      Hows your day? I just got a hug electricity and gas bill £1016 which has pissed me off!

                    • That is crazy…how much would that be in dollars though, and why is the bill so high?

                    • $1572

                      To be fair it is from October last year, they never sent any bills, but given me a week to pay it, the day I go on holiday. Ah well….

                    • That is crazy. I can’t believe they only gave you a week to pay it too.

                    • I will call and extend it, they’ll follow suit.

                      Just sticking a post up, only took 2 minutes so it’s not very well thought out, I should probably do it better but I’m drinking and tired

                    • Imagine that…you drinking. Alright, have a drink for me and…hmm…I will be coming in soon to…what is something crazy for the treasure hunt?

                    • what treasure hunt?

                    • The one I will do…just don’t worry about it. I will be there soon to rub your feet or something. 😉

                    • do i need to do anything?

                    • No, you can watch if you get to a computer, or just see when you get back. Hopefully people will play along.

                    • I am going to have to stalk your posts a bit to prepare for babysitting your blog. I have to find all the posts I have said strange things, which is going to take a while.

                    • what a daunting prospect!

                    • I am writing the idea for the game post now, but you leave Monday right? That is when it will actually start. I am going to be travelling Monday, so I have to set this thing in motion, and disappear for a while too. Which days will you be gone?

                    • next saturday, a week left of work yet, 16th-30th June

                    • Oh, okay, that will give me more time to make the game better anyway, plus we won’t be travelling, so I can watch it happen. Do you want me to email or comment the post about it for you to see before you go?

                    • yeah sure, I’ll see it anyway though?

                    • You are going to be gone for that long! I just realized … Okay, deep breaths, I will be alright…

                    • I just got on here, I think I sensed you would be getting on. 😉 I cleaned the entire desk, my least favorite chore. We are leaving for NE on Monday, so I am supposed to be cleaning everything, but I am taking a blog break.

                    • I can think of worse chores!

                      Well, you know I’ll be here, or Twitter sometimes

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