Awards coming out of every orifice

Many thanks to appletonavenue  for the One Lovely Blog Award and Sarchasm for the 7×7 Award , I’ve added a page up top with all my shiny plaques so you can admire my mantelpiece.

Please go to my Blogroll also up top to check out all the special people you need to be following, I still need to add more of you and do a synopsis of your talents, I did a few but you are hard to put into words.

I do appreciate the nod and sorry I am not playing but I have nothing left to reveal about myself that won’t be damaging to my reputation when I register to run for London Mayor.

If I follow you I already think you’re great so you don’t need an award anyway.  And now and then I create a special award that can never be replicated and are for that person only.

I’m also on Twitter now, it’s a bit lonely over there, our time difference between most of us doesn’t help.   I have generally been twitting when I’m drunk, so that’s probably when you’re eating your Cornflakes, I’m trying to get enough followers there to build a human bridge over the Thames for the Olympics.

Just a hypothetical…would one get more money for a blog award in a Cash 4 Gold store or on Ebay?

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  1. I used to be on Twitter, but I found that I was considering quitting my job and the practice of sleeping every night just to be able to actually read everything I subscribed to. And believe me, this was back before there was even that much to subscribe to. I mean, now… hell… I could follow every Kardashit. And you!

    • What are you doing following them?! I follow 11 people, most of them are bloggers, and 1 is a singer I like, he only has 140 followers anyway so it won;t get out of hand. I don’t realy like it so far, it feels like I am talking to myself. I twitted that comment actually. No one replied.

      • I’m not following them! I just said I COULD. I think the only celebrities I followed were Michael Ian Black, Mindy Khaling, Lindsay Lohan (her coked up tirades that she’d quickly delete and pretend didn’t happen were CLASSIC), and Belladonna (porn star). Oh, but surely you must be following Sockington, yes? Following cats on Twitter is the best, really.

  2. Ilove your take on awards. While I really appreciate the nod, I’m not at all intriqued by the amount of work required to accept the award. Feels a bit like a chain letter: send this to ten of your friends and you’ll receive….

    I am also on twitter and agree with you both. It does feel like I’m talking to myself, but I’m really talking to my followers, 14 eporn actors.

  3. I think we both deserve the Boney Thorax award for featuring this photo of an emaciated Gwynnie on our blogs. Congratulations fellow winner!

  4. I think you should print the pictures of all your awards,cut them out, and tape them to your wall, preferably near your mantelpiece, if you have one in real life.

  5. Congratulations – Offer your sevices to Rebekah Brooks – she needs all the help she can get!

  6. I made you an award. Thanks for making great porn.

  7. Crossing my fingers for that human bridge!

    I tried to like twitter and still just don’t really get it at all.

    • It’ll be a safer bridge than the millennium bridge, it closed after we built it as it swayed in the wind. How did people hundreds of years ago build better stuff than us

  8. My first foray into the world of social media was with Twitter, so I actually got quite used to it. Mind you I worked in an IT department at the time, so I was following a lot of my fellow employees just trying to keep up with what was new & exciting in the department. Then my daughter suggested Facebook because I like to play games. So now I follow all my kids on Facebook & mostly just use it to play games. I have my blogged linked to Facebook & Twitter, so some of my followers are following me from there. I hope you get used to the 140 character limit, it’s great for quick comments & stuff.

    • I keep my online identity secret from work and family. I think they get enough of me already 🙂

  9. I think when you get enough followers to build a human bridge over the Thames for the Olympics, you should write a book about it. Of course, you’d have to publish the “abridged” addition . . . .

  10. Richly deserved Joe – i have a mantelpiece and mighty fine it is to!


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