Celebrities Assemble!

Avengers Assemble can go screw itself, well, that’s what the actors who never made it past the casting process thought as they decided to play it out for real.

You may have read that Dustin Hoffman and Mila Kunis have both saved someones life this week, no need to thank them, this is just what they do.

These celebrities selfless acts of heroism inspired other stars to don superhero personas:

John Travolta’s alter ego became The Closet:

Superpowers: The ability to hide his secret identity

Paula Deen got in on the act as Buttergirl:

Superpowers: Can grease a cake tin in under a second.

Courtney Love’s alias is The Parasite:

Superpowers: The ability to bleed dry anyone she encounters

Ricky Gervais fights crime as Irritant Man:

Superpowers: Is able to annoy people without even opening his mouth.

You can depend on these attention seeking stars whenever danger strikes – Celebrities Assemble!!!

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  1. Dude create some villains for them. This was pretty damn creative.

  2. That Gervais is spot on!

    • It was him or Sacha Baren Cohen, I’m sick of both of them, I feel a bit bad for passing them onto America but if it gets them out of our hair…

  3. very amusing and well done

  4. These are perfect! And you’re DEAD ON about Ricky Gervais—he annoys the shit out of me. Not because I’m American and don’t understand his type of humor (that’s what he always says when his stuff bombs here), but because he’s an unfunny wanker.

    • He’s done some good stuff in the past, but he is a bit much now. Thanks for taking him off our hands, he’s not on TV as much here anymore since he’c trying to crack America. You can keep Simon Cowell too.

      • I like Ricky Gervais! Although I only know him from The Office and Extras.

        • They were his best bits, saying that – what else has he done? I think its his public persona is annoying, his characters and writing are good.

  5. Incentive enough to stay on the straight and narrow and avoid their attention.
    The Parasite. Blech.

  6. This is perfect Joe! You are a wonderful judge of character. I think the villains should be people you like…it’s about time the bad guys won a few rounds.

  7. OK, now we are talkin’. Funny pictures and silly ideas. What’s not to like?

  8. All great, but the Paula Deen one killed me.

    • She’s not on my food network channel these days, is she in butter rehab or something? Theres a new girl, cooking for real its called, she talks non stop, thank god for the mute button


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