Twitter Confusion

I just enrolled on Twitter, I added a Twitter link…over there if you just cast your eyes to the right….down a bit…bit more.  There you go.

It’s riveting reading…actually not really, I haven’t twitted anything yet

I went through the disappointing process of finding out how many other people use the moniker Joe Hoover, wondering if it is actually someone’s real name.  There’s a few there, don’t get us confused.

I’ve signed up for two fellow bloggers feeds, and musician Richard Buckner who I saw Monday night, his are very funny.

I’m not sure what to do with it now.  On here I get to ramble on into infinity, on Facebook I often end up with posts that have the ‘read more’ passage at the bottom as they go on too long.  But to fit random shit into 140 characters just left me staring at the screen.

Why can’t people take the time to read something longer than 140 digits, you’re not that busy.

It’s a lot harder to be witty and incisive in 140 characters so I get the idea, but it’s almost like telling a joke, I don’t tell jokes.   Everyone has a joke right?  I just ruin them by getting them wrong.   If I am going to be accused of being humorous I think you need to stay with me through the long haul of a post to get the overall effect.

I was worried about twitter I feared it could be dangerously addictive, I suppose it still could be?  It also means I’ll need to carry my mobile phone with me which I almost never do, it may aswell have a cord and be plugged into the wall such is its distinct lack of mobility.

What do you Twit about?   You need to sell this to me.

Oh yeah, what has got two legs and bleeds?
Half a dog
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  1. For an ADHD woman like me, Twitter is great for my incessant ramblings about nada. We also get to talking back and forth with each other and I find that fun. I get my alerts via text and I can text my tweets also.

    Welcome to the dark side Joe!

    Ummmm- you can follow me at @GingerSnaap37 ….. You better do it. Or else.

  2. Lol, you are so funny. I think I was your first follower right?

  3. I’ll have to remember that riddle, it’s suitably demented.

    I’ve never Tweeted, mainly because I can’t think of anything to write about in 140 characters unless it’s just a string of swear words.

  4. I tweeted for like a year…then I got bored. I really just don’t care enough about things in long periods of time. I have a “car tank” and its only like 10 gallons, and I’m like a race car. I burn through my care at like 8 gallons per mile. So I’m always on E….

  5. I think we should invent a system like Twitter… but only for guys who are complete douche bags… and we could call it Twatter… just sayin’…
    If you only have 140 characters worth of something to say, maybe you should get a billboard put up beside a highway. (I don’t mean you of course, because you rock)…
    Type outside the box!

  6. I am not a twitter, however I do FB a lot. It is funny because someone asked me what we used for social media back in the 60’s. I was without words for a moment and then said, we didn’t need it. LOL. Have fun on Twitter.

    • That’s hilarious! Kids growing up these days will wonder how we all survived. I think they are too reliant on technology and information though, I feel happy growing up having struck a balance, these things are great now and then but if I leave my phone at home it’s no catastrophe.

  7. I’m on Twitter too. Mostly because I have long lonely hours to fill with something and reading mindless drivel of strangers some how intrigues me. There are some surprises, but it’s like Facebook, only smaller. Don’t you think?

    • It’s pretty similar and I can see why it’s there. On Facebook I was trying to rouse interest in my friends to sign a petition to save my local pub. No one really responded, they only want to click ‘Like’ on things and anything too time consuming to read is beyond them, so I guess Twitter fits in here. It’s nice to actually follow some of some musicians I love who have just 140 followers, you do feel more connected to them. I don;t doubt it’s importance too in the Arab Spring and such, but with all that comes the mundanity of seeing what people had for breakfast or that they are on a bus stuck in traffic. 🙂

  8. I haven’t made the twitter leap yet. There is just something really naughty about thinking about tweeting. I’m not sure I’m up for it. And like you, I’m not sure I could come up with enough blather to make it worthwhile because I’m just not witty like Hobbs.

    Nah, I just don’t see myself waking up wondering what I’m going to tweet first thing in the morning…..

    And if y’all make a twatter, make sure you put a peanut gallery in so I can live vicariously! 😉

  9. I just signed up for Twi. There are only three characters. 140 is way too many.

  10. I would think getting drunk and then tweeting is the only way to go. I’ll have to try that. I’ve been on twitter for a short while and only use it to tweet my posts. I am not into it at all. I can see why others might like the connections but really, I already do all of my lame comments on daily life on my blog, I am much too lazy to try and come up with 140 more characters.

    • I did two drunk tweets Friday, I thought they were hilarious at the time. No-one responded but then I only have 8 followers. I don’t think I’ll get too into it, it’s just another to manage on top of Facebook and a blog. And the blogs my favourite, people chat which doensn’t even hap[[en on Facebook. I think we’re becoming too reliant on social media. Lucky my friends really don;t pay attention or we’d have nothing to talk about when we meet up

      • I hear you. I’ve completely given up on facebook. I only use to for my blog. I was very close to deleting my account but it’s the only way I can stay in touch with my brothers.

  11. Good morning Joe! Good afternoon to you though. How is your weekend going?

    • having a quiet one trying to finish some posts and watching the final day of the football(soccer) season. How is your weekend?

      • Okay so far. We are just cleaning up a bit this weekend, yard stuff. My son has a little play he’s in this afternoon.

        • On a Sunday? Break a leg! In the theatrical sense

          • Thanks! I thought the Sunday thing was a little weird too. I hope you have a good evening. I’ll probably see you tomorrow. Maybe tonight while you are sleeping if I get the urge to night-stalk. 😉

            • I had to go out last minute, friend in need…of cash, stranded in camden. Don’t let me forget I’m owed money! How did the play go, maybe its happening now, I forget the time difference.

  12. I started out on Twitter as my introduction to social media. 140 characters got me used to having everything I said show up on a feed. When I started my blog I ticked the buttons to allow my posts to show up automatically on my Twitter account & my FB account & I find a number of my followers are twitter followers.


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