London voters voted most idiotic voters for voting in most idiotic candidate.

All eyes are on London as we gear up to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee and host the world’s biggest sports day this Summer.

London was also voted best destination in the world this week, pipping New York, Rome and Paris.

To spearhead our city London’s voters this week re-elected one of the biggest buffoons this generation or any before it has ever seen.

London, a bustling, sprawling, bustling metropolis, cutting edge design and fashion, purveyor of fine arts, and enigmatic social scene is governed over by…well, I don’t need to put it into words, take it away Boris….

Another fine mess…

There’s always one moron who doesn’t heed the announcement to stand clear of the closing doors…

Auditioning for The Goonies II…

Lord have mercy…please stick to cloning sheep…

Those famous locks…


Go on, own up Londoners, which of you are responsible for this recurring?

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  1. OMG This cracked me up, and I’m an American. Thanks for the laugh today.

  2. Aaditee

     /  May 5, 2012

    This made me laugh, BUT isn’t he a lot better than ken livingstone? At least he gives poses for photos like these! And I remember the disturbing photo of Ken livingstone I saw yesterday….

  3. Aaditee

     /  May 5, 2012

    You have my vote already. I have to commend your campaigning! 😉

  4. He looks like the blonde guy from “Dumb and Dumber”. Is that the mayor of London?

  5. I’m not sure I understand why Londoners would vote for that blond ape again, but then again, I still can’t understand why my fellow New Yorkers keep voting for Mike Bloomberg. But at least Boris Johnson is good comedy fodder.

  6. You think you vote for weirder people than Americans do? Seriously? Sarah Palin got millions of votes. Bush was our President… twice. You aren’t even in the running, mate…

  7. When are you going to run?

  8. Hey Joe, I’m kind of regretting sharing you with the world. You won’t ever forget that I adored you first right?

  9. I think your mayor is adorable & he’s funny! I have seen him a few times on TV – when he accepted the torch for the Olympic games & when he was promoting ride a bicycle to work. He’s a hoot! At least he has a personality. Mayors really don’t have much power, they’re more figureheads – it’s council who does the work.

    • They don’t? But I was gonna run 🙂

      • If you want a lot of time in the press, for good or bad, then run for Mayor. If you actually want to change things then run for council, they do the actual work & make the actual decisions. The Mayor is more like the tie-breaker.

    • he was at the closing ceremony last time waving as giant flag but he couldn’t even do that properly. it got tangled

  10. I haven’t done my research into this guy, but it looks like I’m in for a treat.

  11. Have to agree with Benzeknees – I thought Mayor of London was mostly ceremonial.
    In which case, having someone with a sense of humor might be a good deal for the city to attract attention to it…

    • locally they are but in London they have full control over the budget, I’m sure his advisors do the hard work, he can just make the headlines for tripping up over his shoelaces


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