Screams, Queens and teams – My week condensed

Not much happened this week due to being busy at work (I know, it’s really got in the way of blogging)


1) I went to the cinema to see The Cabin in the Woods

Have horror films just not been scary in 30 years or where they never scary but only appeared so when we were too young to be legally watching them?

One patron certainly thought it was scary and made my night with her blood curdling screams throughout the film.   She was very apologetic to her partner after each outburst.

I really, really wished it was their first date.

Girl: “I had a wonderful night, we should do this again”

Guy: “…suuuuurre….I’ll call you”

What do you mean you don’t want to see me again?


2) I channel hopped through ‘Smash’ last night, is it in Debra Messing’s contract that she only shares screen time with gays?

Come on Debra, don’t be typecast as the world’s biggest fag hag, act outside the box!

You could play a schoolteacher assigned to a school of reprobates and you make them understand Shakespeare.   Or you could play a spy who has been wrongly framed and sets out to prove your innocence and blow the cover of the real terrorists.

I only thought of that in 30 seconds so surely your agent can hook you up with some different jobs given a bit of networking?   I suppose it’s not terrible to be the first person on the casting directors lips when they think:

“Hmm…dizzy friend of the homosexual….Got it!  Wow, I sure earn those letters after my name on the credits”


3) Finally,  I would like to give my friend The Hobbler a big slap on the back, not because she’s choking on some food that went down the wrong way, but for participating in the MS Walk this weekend, even though technically she’s cheating by being in a wheelchair (it’s ok, Hobbs heard this joke already and my friend said it anyway so stop tutting at me).

Are you on her team?  Have you donated?


Coming soon at Londonsurvival…

At Home with…Brad and Angelina


Cover Version Contest

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  1. You have no idea or how much I love you Joe. I don’t know what else to say… Oh, how about getting drunk in my honor this weekend? That joke, the wheelchair one, I told it to my son, and a few days later he was (in a very serious, his mom is a rebel) telling it to the neighborhood kids. It’s going to become a classic at walks and marathons

    • I’m absteining from drink this weekend, need a sofa weekend. It’s a national day off Monday so it’s a long weekend though.

      They’ll be coming after you with flaming torches and pitchforks soon for your cheating ways 🙂

      • Good for you with the sofa weekend.

        The angry mob better watch out…I’ve got wheels and I’m not afraid to use them. 😉

        • Put some spikes on them so you can ram any others in chairs and blow their tyres

          • Great idea! I got some zebra print duct tape. One is pink and black and the other is black and white. I want to add some to my wheelchair so it won’t be so boring (I had to get a plain black manual one for the walk).

  2. LOL @ “You could play a schoolteacher assigned to a school of reprobates and you make them understand Shakespeare. Or you could play a spy who has been wrongly framed and sets out to prove your innocence and blow the cover of the real terrorists.”

    So funny!

  3. I think horror movies used to be scarier. Now they’re either just gory or silly. There are a few exceptions but not that many.

    Maybe Debra Messing needs some sort of intervention. “We’re…concerned about your acting choices. You can’t keep choosing roles like this.”

    Actually I think she should break out a little and play a gay chick herself. I’d enjoy that way more than her usual schtick.

  4. Right there with you on the “working at work”. Bosses just. don’t. get it.

  5. Why is it bosses don’t understand our need to blog during the day? Work cuts into our blogging time!

  6. Not a big fan of Debra Messing, not sure why. Is Smash any good? (I’ve heard it’s the Glee for adults so maybe that’s why I’ve steered clear of it…)

    • I only watched 2 minutes which was enough. I could’ve cleaned my belly button instead in that time

      • Duly noted! Yeah, that kind of show is the exact opposite of what I like to watch so cleaning belly buttons might be a much more exciting option for me.


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