Oh Merle….

On my last post I talked of a spam comment I received from Merle, a truck driver looking for love.

I thought I could string this out even further by finding the source of his original spam comment, maybe tracking back to a dating site.

A quick google search on Merle Dean Shamblin reveals many bloggers have had his spam emails, so after I got over my disappointment at being just another notch on Merle’s virtual bedpost I read further on what people had to say.

It seems despite Merle revealing he was gay (and versatile)  he was also arrested on child porn charges of holding images on his computer of young girls.

I won’t put up a picture of Merle as it would put you off your breakfast (God really wasn’t kind to Merle)

Someone even went as far as to link his case to that of missing teenagers across America, and there was I teasing Merle that people may only assume he was a murderer due to his vocation.

Way to go to fulfill a stereotype Merle!

The lesson here is to never trust people in your Spam comments, and especially never trust a long haul truck driver.  If anyone you know has aspirations to be one, just report them to the authorities straight away.

Oh Merle…













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  1. He’s never sent me anything! Does Merle Dean Shamblin think he’s too good for my spam box?

    • If you’re not Merle’s type then what does that say about me?

    • That came out a bit wrong! That made it sound like he should have come for you since he is a freak. That’s not what I meant any way 🙂

  2. Wait, does this mean you WON’T be entering into a healthy penpal relationship with him? I think there’s still plenty of room for comedy here. Just don’t give him your home address. Or any embarrassing pictures your mother took of you when you were five in a bathtub.

    • I need to find out what prison he’s held at.

      He’s kinda scaring me now though, his pictures are the kind where you KNOW he’s dodgy

      • The pictures were what tipped you off? Not the kiddie porn?

        Speaking of kiddie porn… do you think the more times we use the phrase, the more dodgy your future spam will be?? I once said something about shemale sex and ever since then, I can’t tell you how many pings on my statcounter I get for that post. Oddly enough, a lot of people from Bangladesh and India.

        • Oh no! I don’t want k***** porn spams!

          Everyone change the subject now!

          Fascinating stats though, people are weird

          • I don’t think you need to worry about being spammed with k***** porn. What you need to worry about is Merle and his buddies thinking that you’ve got the hook up. No one wants to be that guy. Unless you’re really desperate for page views.

  3. Spam… it is all about the chunks of gristle and fat…

  4. That is freaking sick Joe. I’m scared for you now. Just watch out for Lily too. He might be into that type of pussy as well. Sorry, that was a little wrong…

  5. Creeeeepy. (shudders) This is why I never even look at my spam folder.

    • Yeah, a sad end to what could have been an amusing tangent. Just a dirty bastard, they caught him at least.

  6. Truck drivers are interesting characters. Don’t get yourself caught up in any shenanigans like that of the movie Joyride.

  7. Too bad Merle turned out to be such a freak – this might have been an interesting serial blog topic.

    • Exactly! But I now don’t want the traffic I might get from people searchign for his name

  8. Merle’s been cheating on you? I’m so sorry, Joe.

  9. A Tribute to Merle

    There once was a driver named Merle,
    He liked to look at little girls,
    Driving the long-haul one day,
    He was arrested with dismay.
    But not before he could Spam that he was gay.

  10. I’m bummed I haven’t gotten any of his mail yet.


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