Londonsurvival Instruction Guide


That’s a pretty big clue to where I’ve been this weekend, more on that on a later post.

I have so much of your posts to catch up on so bear with me as I want to see what you’ve all been up to.

This post if for my friends who I have unwittingly made follow me in an instant by linking the blog to Facebook.   Some will read, most won’t but this is to help them navigate.  The rest of you WordPress experts can go read something else instead for now.

All my favourite bloggers are now in a blogroll page above the logo.   It’s easier to add new ones there and saves some room on the sidebar.  Do you think this highlights you all enough?  (it’s copied from an older list so don’t fret if you’re missing, I’ll get round to adding more soon)

I have listed every post I’ve ever done in the recent posts on the sidebar (thanks to Dotty Headbanger), I had hoped for a drop down menu to save space but WordPress don’t seem to do this so they are all there so you can chack by post title what may interest you.

I also added a search bar to type in topics as some people were looking for an older post, type anything in, transvestite for example and it will bring up any posts where I mention transvestites.

I’ve also added archives so you can search by month.

There’s always the categories too but I usually stuff everything into Ramblings so I need to figure out how I can change that to not make it such a large category, but at present I filter like this.

Ramblings: The shit I can’t categorise, mostly be attempts at humour of some sort.

Bathroom Reading Material:  Toilet graffiti I  photograph when taking a piss.

Cover Version Contest: A weekly battle against an original and cover version of a song you may or may not know.

Food Network:  For when I love to extol the virtues of my favourite cookery channel. My murder mystery serial,  A Recipe for Murder is here but you have to check back a few pages to read it in order.

Lily Let Loose:  About my cat

London Departures: About my holidays

London on 2 wheels: About cycling, hence the posts are old since I’ve been a lazy bastard for 6 months

London on a plate:  Eating out (in non-sexual sense)

London out & about:  Londoney things I’ve done to fill a few hours

London sounds:  Music related stuff, gigs I’ve been to etc

Londonsurvival: Piss-takes of things in the news and hopefully with a humorous bent

Movie reviews: Self-explanatory

My Week Condensed: A synopsis of the minutiae of my life that particular week.


Hope this helps!

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  1. Dear Joe,

    I use the same blog theme as you and I used a ‘Recent Post’ widget to show all my posts in one big list – it’s worked, people are reading posts that haven’t been read for ages, I’m getting loads more views on the old stuff because people can pick and choose what they want to read without having to click back all the time. To get it to show all my posts I put 1000000 in the Number Of Posts To Show Box in the widget thing.

    Love Dotty xxx

  2. I need to update my theme and change stuff around but I am terrified… Good job.

  3. You are the best Joe. Now I can stalk you to my hearts content…

  4. You are too good with this organizing thing. Well done. I am soooo lazy when it comes to categories. I have currently one I use constantly: humor and it’s got about 70 posts in there so I am slowly trying to come up with a better system, too. I have my vlogs finally separated. Sigh. I just wish I had more brainpower to be clever with my categories.

    • It is a pain, so just stuck every post up there but I don;t like it all listed, would prefer a drop down box but WordPress don’t do that for posts.

      Categories are hard, it’s not like we are doing a recipe blog, then it would be easy. I’ve been checking others out to see how they do it, but I think it would be easily solved by WordPress doing all posts as a drop down box. I shall tell them!

  5. Mexico? Spain?


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