Cover version contest – The Wedding Present vs Julee Cruise

Will I ever find a cover version to beat the original?

Not at this rate anyhow, since Nirvana grabbed Tori Amos by her tango’ed locks and dragged her around caveman style and threw her off a 50 storey building.

I was surprised by this result as many comments seemed to be extolling the virtues of Tori over Nirvana, but it’s votes that count and I hand this award posthumously to Kurt Cobain.

(those of you in the know will remind me he was actually cremated but let’s not let that stand in the way of a photo opp.)

This leaves the originals beating the covers at a 3-0 scoreline.

This week I am featuring one of Britain’s greatest ever bands who upon releasing a single every month for a year, backed each disc up with a cover version so you can imagine there were many to select from, I could have gone with the relatively unknown “Cattle & Cane” originally by The Go-Betweens, which is genius in its original and cover version format, youtube it, it’s the best song ever to come out of Australia, sorry Olivia Newton-John fans.

Or I could have picked something that they made a pastiche of like their reworking of “Shaft” or “Step into Christmas” but they were a bit silly.

Instead I opted for Falling, otherwise known as the theme from Twin Peaks as I expect a few fans of the show are about so would be nice to hear their thoughts.

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  1. I might have liked the other better if the vocals had been a little louder. I get the whole ambience of the song, but still…

  2. Oh yeah, and Nirvana won because all the crazy Tori fans didn’t care enough to vote.

  3. Didn’t the Wedding Present have an album cover with George Best on the front?

    • That’s them, debut album, George Best

      • Good Album too – liked the message from beyond the grave too!

        • I’m just going back to my older stuff on my ipod, new fangled music doesn’t do it for me. It’s a sign of old age – but what do kids listen to these days.

          I checked out who is playing Camden Crawl on behalf of the bar manager to see what shit has been dumped on his doorstep, and they were – total crap.

          I’m gonna shake a fist at some kids on the way home tonight.

  4. What if we don’t like any music written after the 70s?

    • I think Guapo is with you on that score, I was limiting myself to having at least one verison of the two on my Ipod. People didn’t cover as much back then, originality has died, most choices I have doen so far are from the 80’s early 90’s period I grew up in.

      But I also hoped to introduce some unheralded bands to people.

      Guapo did suggest All along the watchtower – good choice too. I had some in mind for Bowie covers too. A lot of the best music people daren’t touch, hence I have never heard anyone cover The Velvet Undergound, The Pixies, The Ramones some bands are sacred. Now I said this some smarty pants will list everyone who has covered them!

      I’m open to suggestions though to test the readership – or the 5 people who bother voting every week 😀

  5. Sorry, I’m still too bitter about the way Twin Peaks ended to vote on this one.

    • I don’t even know how it did, I couldn’t stick with it, I’ll take your comment as a good reason not to revisit it. I know it would bug me too then.

      I was never a massive Lost fan, but I got into it but then felt throughly conned after the ending of that.

  6. I have never seen Twin Peaks. Good to know now I never will have to bother if the ending’s that bad…

    • I loved the show when it started. A big part of its appeal was what seemed like this really complex mystery plot, but towards the end, it became clear that they were just making stuff up as they went along. Watching the series was like starting to put something that you thought was a really cool jigsaw puzzle but that turned out to be just a random collection of puzzle pieces.

      • Reminds me of Lost. While I really did love the ending, it seemed like the show’s creators switched the ending midstream and started to throw stuff together. There were so many unanswered questions so it left a lot of people feeling cheated.

        • I don’t think they knew the answers themselves.

          Hold them at gunpoint to tell you and they would make more stuff up on the spot

      • I getcha, though I made up my Food Network murder mystery as I went along, and it definitely shows.

  7. Julee, Julee!!! I used to be OBSESSED with Twin Peaks, and had all the episodes taped (Ah, the grainy nuances of VHS recordings of old school tv shows) as well as owning a photocopied version of ‘The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer’ (bootlegging in the days of dinosaurs) so Julee was always going to be the winner for me. That said, I did give the other version a bash, but had to turn it off halfway through. No momentum at all! Now I want to go back and watch it all over again, I’m just worried it won’t live up to how I’ve built it up in my head…


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