Your personal invite to the UK Blog EXPO 2012

I stumbled upon news of a blogging Expo in the USA.

What intrigues me are how many of the guest speakers are evangelists?  Is this Expo a thinly veiled disguise for the worlds geekiest sermon?

How is this expo going to work?

Is there going to be an entire seminar dedicated to rice crispie cake recipes?

Will there be a collective “awwweee” at the photos in the cute animal blog exhibition?

The day’s largest security presence will be felt at the “My favourite Top 10 TV Comedies” seminar judging by previous years when Two and a Half Men was scandalously omitted from the guest bloggers list which resulted in a mass brawl and three stabbings.

They are having to bring forward the Photoblogs of My Travels in China to avoid a nasty clash with the ‘How to make a picture frame from lollipop sticks’ workshop.

It’s great the American bloggers have such an event to discourse on blogging with each other.  But what of us in the UK?  With this in mind I have begun preparations for our own Expo, details below:

Venue: Luton Working Mens club

Guest Speakers:

Harold Worthington:  Head of Waste Management for Exmouth County Council and author of the popular blog, Sewage and Sewage Drainage Systems.

Carole Singleton: Author of the craft inspired blog Crochet Festishnista

Bernard Coombs: Author of gentleman’s style guide, One Man and his Pipe

Margaret Swallows: Author of cookery blog “The filling in your sandwich””

Eric Forsythe: Author of the nocturnal animal blog ‘Badgers’

Bring along the voucher below to claim your free gift on arrival.

I look forward to meeting you all there.


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  1. Are you going to be a speaker?

    • I shall, do you want to do one by video link?

      Can you imagine, a blogging convention?!

      • Yeah, it’s a little crazy.

        • i’ll go to a tattoo one in September but it involves booze

          • Lol, that is so funny. Maybe the blog one will too.

            • With all those preachers there?

              I’m getting deja vu, Homeland is on TV whilst I am on here and the very same episode was on last night as I was on here. I hope I don’t have to relive another Monday at work now,

              • Was it a pretty bad Monday? Or just a normal Monday…they are usually not too great.

                • Same as ever, just looking forward to 2 days mire work before my long weekend break, another day would be bad. I one dreamt a whole day at work, to the finest detail, so waking up to have to go to work sucked, I felt like I already had!

                  • That would really suck. I’ve had dreams kind of like that. They are almost worse than nightmares.

                    • One day I hope we will be able to record our dreams and play them back through our pc or tv. I’d fast forward through that one

                    • What a great idea! I guess the bad ones wouldn’t be fun though. I can think of a few I think I’d watch over and over.

                    • Scary ones? We like a scary story, there are limits though, as long as its fantasy nightmares and nothing real life nasty

                    • I completely agree. I unfortunately don’t have many non-devastating scary stories. When I have a bad dream, it is usually something very real…something that could happen, like I dreamed a tree branch broke with some of mine, and some neighborhood kids trapped under.

                      When I was a kid I had nightmares of killer alligators, and sharks, and of being poisoned. Maybe we shouldn’t be talking about all this right before you go to bed.

                    • I had already passed into a slumber and woke with my phone next to me. Your head is a fascinating place 🙂

                      My favourites always flying dreams, and then some I could barely take off, I was always escaping form something though, not exploring

                    • Thanks Joe, yours is too. I don’t fly in many dreams. I can’t remember any actually. Do you believe that dreams can be interpreted and that they tell you something about your life, etc.?

                    • Yes I do, nothing too deep, I think they reflect anxieties more than anything.

                    • Yeah, I think that too. What are you flying away from in your dreams?

                    • Who knows!

                    • What is the best and worst dream you ever had? Actually, it’s after midnight there right? You can tell me another day if you want.

                    • This is my problem, I don’t remember them in enough detail, so I can’t answer thart, so am desperate for them to be recorded. Do you have a best dream?

                    • I don’t remember most of my dreams either, but the other night I dreamed about you and some other favorite bloggers. My husband was there…nothing too crazy, but it was good.

                      The worst recent dream was the one with mine and some other kids being trapped under that branch. I woke up and put it in a blog post. I think I called it “sometimes it’s better not to sleep”. If I find the link I’ll send it to you.

                    • Cool, will love to read it.

                      Hope the dream with us bloggers was cool! I’ll never get to America so only time you’ll meet me 🙂

                    • It actually was cool, car chase, seedy motel, there was some other stuff…nothing graphic, but I can’t remember it all. It was kind of like an old movie script.

                    • See how great that would be to watch back.

                    • Yeah, it would be fun. There is another dream I had a while back that would be fun to watch, but that was a little more graphic…my husband was there, but the dream was not really about him. Bad, I know, but I couldn’t help it. It was just a dream…

                    • What’s with all the current posts I see on Taxes Hobbles? Is every American self-employed?!

                    • We are, but I think most people are just procrastinators, so they’re all flipping out.

                    • I see, it’s easy here, we do nothing

                    • We need to move there.

  2. What type of pickled egg exactly?

    • Standard class 3 egg. It’s not organic, you can be rest assured the hens suffered in cramped conditions to lay these. Then they are dumped in with low grade vinegar and left to pickle.

      I don’t have a large budget for catering.

  3. You are almost back right? I’m so excited! See you soon SU.

    • I’m back!

      • I am so glad. You have to tell all about your adventures now. You should write a post about it. So, no kidnapping, torture or anything else right? What was your favorite part? Were you ready to come back, or do you wish you were still there. Did you miss me Joe… 😉

        • I do miss being connected to the virual world, I have my phone but charges abroad are really high. I miss current affairs and football and WordPress of course. I will take my laptop on a longer holiday but not worth it for a weekend when I need to travel light.

          Will spend next two nights catching up on posts I missed so won’t post anything new apart from a weekend review, have a few photos.

          I woudl have stayed in our first apartment but I moved to a second one as first was fully booked, but the second one was horrible! Still, Valencia is beautiful, I’ll be going back in the future.

  4. I’m only going to go if one of the seminars is “Umlauts: Clever Notation , or the Devils Punctuation?”


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