A real life ghost story

Turn off the light and fire up the candles…snuggle up in your blankets and huddle round, it’s time to tell a ghost story.

Due to popular demand (2 requests) I am going to indulge you in the tales of when ghosts have crossed my path, it wasn’t in a rapey Barbara Hershey in The Entity kind of way, even ghosts have standards, and it wasn’t in a scary Poltergeist way either.

The first time it happened I was very young and I went upstairs in my Nan’s urine scented home to use the bathroom, I was alone.  I’d done my business and as I exited the bathroom an apparition appeared before me, it was my Grandfather.  I had never met him before, he died before I was born, I have his ears so I’m told (it’s nice to have someone to blame for my elongated lobes)

He never said anything, and then he disappeared.  In truth he could have been one of my Nan’s fancy men who had freed himself from her shackles and was wondering around the hallway hungry and delirious but I’m sticking with my version of the story.

So the first tale was not really that eventful or believable and I was very young so I understand your cynicism.   Story two however is certainly real and I swear by this account.

The Chinese believe that you should not sleep with a mirror opposite your bed, they reflect the soul and take away your energy.  In Feng Shui mirrors have also been interpreted as a third-party in a marriage, and if you are married or have a partner you should not have a mirror reflecting your bed. They believe that mirrors reflect the sleeping couple, sending ‘shar hi'(bad energy) their way, causing misunderstandings, and in some instances causing one of the partners to become unfaithful.

So with that in mind, let me take you back to ooh, say about 6 years ago, I lived in flat in Kentish Town, I had the master bedroom with en suite, a grand antique double bed dominated the room, alongside a proper old-fashioned gentleman’s wardrobe.  The mattress too was antique as it contained a vast array of stains that the CSI team would take years to identify.  It was placed between two large sash windows and on the wall opposite the bed was a mirror.  This was no ordinary mirror, it was as big as the bed in all dimensions, placed central on the wall looking over the bed, if you could ever take it off the wall it would have needed 4 people to carry it and it was just aswell it was firmly screw on or if it had fallen it would have crushed me in my sleep.

It was the kind of mirror that you could imagine leaping through to arrive in another parallel world, you could be trapped banging furiously on the other side looking over at yourself lying in bed.   It was spooky in its own right.

People had come to my room and I was surprised I managed to get this room without a fight from my flatmates, they both said it felt spooky.   I had some night-time callers but a couple of them wouldn’t stay or didn’t want to take it any further.  This was obviously down to the room’s eerie ambience and not anything personal towards me.

But one night I awoke for no reason in the middle of the night, I looked straight to the corner of the room and I saw a face, I rubbed my eyes awake and focused, it slowly crept nearer, my heart skipped a beat.   I was sober, this was no drunken imagery.  The face was grinning, I could make out the toothy smile quite clearly, I sat up in bed and stared more, it neared me, it was walking ever so slowly toward me, I could make out the figure – it was of a boy, grinning from ear to ear, he was getting very close now, I reached for the bedside light and switched it on and the apparition vanished.

I suppose this had nothing to do with the mirror but if you find that kind of thing creepy you can let your imagination run riot.   And the mirror was kinky when you could see yourself having sex.

See they weren’t scary, they were calm, but I don’t believe all ghost stories are scary.  They are not all here to harm us or mess up our bookshelves, some ghosts are just chillin’.

Do you have a ghost story to share?

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  1. Your second story sent a chill down my spine. Really. I am going to have to think a little more about possible ghosts…I feel like there is something in my mind, but I can’t fully remember. Anyway, I totally believe you about both stories. I’ve really been thinking about all the unexplainable things, and the more I think about it, the more realistic they seem.

    That all said, what if the mirror is on the wall over the head of the bed? Is that bad luck, because we have one. Anyway, it’s kind of creeping me out a bit, but I have been up the entire night, so I might be a little paranoid. I love that you mentioned kinky mirror sex…can I use that for a possible topic for next week’s Trifecta?

  2. Going to sleep with the light on tonight. Spooky

  3. My best friend had a ghost in her apartment, and then when she moved in with me back in college, he came with. We named him Bill. Bill was a prankster and also very protective of my friend. Thus Bill was only ever mean to male guests in Haley’s apartment. To me, he’d simply dump water on my head as I was standing in the bathroom brushing my teeth, or he’d lock doors, or mess with the cats. I kind of miss Bill.

    In other news, I’m not happy about this mirror thing. I have a big mirror facing the side of our bed, but there’s no where else to put it! And now I’m going to blame every single relationship issue or fight on the fact that there’s a mirror facing Hank’s and my bed. Great. Goddamn mirrors.

    • you can put a sheet over the mirror at night, that’s cool with feng shui i read.

      Bill’s a lively spectre, he sounds fun! i imagine the cats never approved

  4. My skin is a crawly… I have some ghost stories I will get to sooner or later…

  5. How exciting! Everyone who has a story. I want to hear all of your spooky stories.

  6. Loved the way you told this story. Spoooooky. Of course, the bit about the kinky sex had me laughing.

    Let’s see, I have so many ghost stories. One I wrote about in a post called The Footsteps on the Stairs about my dead grandfather (I never knew either of my grandfathers as they both died before I was born)

    I had something similar to your second story happen to me, I was sleeping, I woke up and there was this old man standing there, just floating in front of me. He was trying to talk, his lips were moving fast and he seemed agitated, but I wasn’t scared of him for some reason. Then he melted away in front of my eyes. I was wide awake when this happened.

    After my dad died, good lord, I have zillions of ghostly encounters! A few years after he died, I was driving to my apartment one evening on Father’s Day. I was talking out loud, saying silly things like “I miss you dad, happy Father’s day…if you can hear me” Anyway, I rounded a corner on this deserted back road and my headlights caught an image of a man walking, his back to me. He was wearing my dad’s clothes. I slowed down and realized it was my dad, just walking. Plain as day. I could see his face in my rearview mirror. Then he disappeared right into midair.

    My dad constantly sends me signs he’s around. All I have to do is ask him and he does. Maybe I should write a post about that, huh?

    • You should definitely write a post about your ghost stories…although, you didn’t really ask for my opinion, But I think Joe would want you to. My own blog sort of gets carried away sometimes, and when it does, I come here. I was wanting to see if there were any more stories. Thank you for sharing yours. I’ll leave you alone with your ghosts now. 😉

    • i’m all goosebumpy! i’LL find your older post, and would love to hear about your father appearing at will! That was the first post of yours i commented on about your father, it was brilliantly written, i remember it well.

      i’m glad the old man was calm, that one sounds much freakier than mine. it is coincidental, maybe this is a common way they manifest to people, I’d be interested to loko more into that.

      I think everyone expects somethign terrifying with ghosts, I think the opposite is true

      • Well that was the only time I actually ‘saw’ my dad. I’ve only seen a ghost a handful of times (enough I suppose) My dad and I talked about death before he died and I made him promise me he wouldn’t haunt me. But I grew up in a 100 year old house, (where some of my relatives died in the past) so I experienced more weird sounds and vibes and objects disappearing then reappearing sort of thing. We were all so used to it, I guess it didn’t scare me as much as it probably should have.

        • So exciting! I want to do a tour down London’s disued underground stations, I don’t think you can so I may break , I expect that will be suitabally creepy.

  7. Bugger. So that puts the kabosh on the mirror above the bed, I suppose? Good thing we don’t have one. I will say, that is spot on, though. I have one that when I lay on my side in bed, I can see out to the hall and it’s creepy.

    In this house, the vibe is good. It’s newer, and no one has ever died in it. But I swear, for years and years, I have seen a little boy peeking around the corner at the end of the hallway. Well, I guess it’s more like the shadow of a little boy, but I could swear I’ve seen him. I always assumed it was the 5th we were supposed to have and never did.

    In our old house here, though, my husband used to swear he could hear and then feel one of our deceased kitties coming down the hall and then jumping on the bed. He knew it was him because he sounded like a motor boat and you’d swear he weighed 50 lbs. You could see a discernable dent in the bed like he was there, too, every now and then.

    Although, it could have been the old lady that lived there……….. Hunny saw her one night peering over top of him in bed. I always wondered if it was the old lady or the ‘old hag’, since he also felt pressure on his chest. He was completely awake, though. Hum. After it had happened a few times, (and our oldest was a baby, so I was totally freaked out.), I had a very nice chat with her, and let her know that she was gone, as was her husband. It was time to move on and find him. I kid you not, there was a lot of peace there after that.

    I think the weirdest thing that happened after that was the return of our other kitty, Merlin. We lost him right after we moved into this house from a rental we were in for a month when we first moved here. We only had him for a month or two and then he was gone. Our other kitty (the motor boat) had been hit and killed while we were in the rental. But Merlin went with us, only to disappear a short time later.

    Over a year passed; the baby was born and was a few months old. I was in the backyard and swore I heard him outside the backyard, in the alley. It took me several days, but I finally got a glimpse of him and confirmed it was him. It took another week or two to lure him back into the yard, and you could tell he’d had a heck of a rough year away. Skinny, scarred, poor baby. 😦 We finally got him acclimated to the house and to the baby and had him for another 2ish years, before some went out of their way to run him over in the road. I was on my way to a doctor’s visit with our dd who was something like a week old, and I couldn’t stop. Broke my heart, that did.

    And then there was the time in Colorado when we were looking for our first house, and I’m pretty sure it was possessed by demons……………….. I wonder if I should write my own post on this………. 😯

    • Woah, great stories! That’s creeped me out a bit 🙂

      A ghost cat would be sinister, I expect my current cat would hate it, she hates all other cats.

      You may win after these great stories!

      • Oh! It’s a contest?! 😆

        I personally thought the ghost Tigger (that was his name- he was a big orange, tiger striped kitty) was kind of comforting, actually. He was king of the neighborhood, but my sweet baby. I still miss him. He was one of the best cats, ever. The last two have been moody, poopy and barfy. Blech.

  8. I saw this post listed on your sidebar and I can’t resist real-life ghost stories. That’s a good one! Also, where in Kentish Town were you? That’s where I lived when I was there.

    I haven’t seen any ghosts, but I’ve heard them. Ever since I turned 40, it’s been like a switch went on and weird things have started happening to me. One of the more recent ones was when we went to adopt a cat whose owner had just died. I didn’t know the woman’s name, we had just made arrangements to get the cat from some neighbors. So we were in the woman’s house, trying to wrangle this poor, scared kitty, and I was standing in her bedroom looking around, and I thought to myself, “I wonder what this woman’s name was.” And just after that, as clear as a bell, I heard a female voice say “Janice.” Which I dismissed as my brain just messing with me.

    Until we went into the living room after having put kitty in carrier, and the woman’s sister was there, and said, “Janice would be so happy that her cat has a new home.” And I know without a doubt that nobody had told me this woman’s name before, so I’m pretty sure that was Janice just introducing herself to us.

    • Whoa, great creepy story, and cats make it better! I lived on falkland road, it is round the corner from the tube, was a great flat. I’m only in camden town now, just down the road.

    • I’ll include kentish town on my London tour I am doing for a friend, I love the graffiti on the wall of the station.


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